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5 BIPOC Beauty and Fashion TikTok Influencers You Should Follow

5 BIPOC Beauty and Fashion TikTok Influencers You Should Follow

BIPOC TikTok influencers to follow

TikTok has become the platform where you can learn just about anything! From life hacks to beauty reviews, fashion tips to new dance trends, you can find it all! However, with this growing platform, we often see the same creators and influencers get the majority of the attention. It makes it harder for other Black, Indigenous, and POC TikTok influencers to reach newer audiences.

It can also be hard to relate to the more visible creators because, most of the time, they may not reflect on how we look. This is why we’ve created a list of 6 BIPOC TikTok influencers you should follow and support! It’s time for you to find that one influencer you can finally relate to and get inspired from!

Sarita Cuervo @saritacuer


And just like that, my mini insecurity was long gone??

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One of the many Latina queens that embrace her voluminous curly hair is Sarah or Sarita! Sarita creates fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle content that is pleasing and entertaining to watch. Her videos make you feel like she’s one of your best friends catching up, and you feel like you have someone to relate to.

We actually got the opportunity to speak with her and ask her what it was like to start influencing as a Latina.

“Making videos (at the beginning), my mindset almost turned into more Western standards of beauty. It was hard for me to embrace my curls or even talk about something like [culture/heritage] because I just didn’t think it would perform well.”

Sarita Cuervo

She also mentioned how TikTok algorithms almost cater to white creators and influencers. But that didn’t discourage her. She would rather continue to create content that caters to a group of girls that look like her, which has now built into this community of other people in the Latinx community who want to feel seen.

The community was also one of the biggest reasons why Sarita got into influencing. “The amount of connections that I made, and not like networking connections, but just like pure female friendships built on supporting and uplifting each other.”

Sarita is an inspiring influencer and creator that you definitely should follow, and she continues to show other Latinas that you can do anything! Plus, her outfits are always slaying and giving what they’re supposed to be giving!

Kenya Broadnax @kbmakeupme24

Kenya is the influencer you have to follow to give you a good laugh! She’s a Black content creator and makeup artist who is known for her POV TikTok videos on what it’s like working at Sephora and Ulta. So, if you’ve worked at either of those places, you’ll be able to relate to her on so many levels!

Her skits range from handling difficult customers to feeling happy that you’re closing with your fav manager to that dreadful call of getting asked to come in to work on your day off. The ‘Surviving Retail’ series she has is super relatable to anyone who has or is working in retail. It’s a space where Kenya and her followers talk about unforgettable experiences since working in retail.

Her artistry is incredible, and you can tell that her personality shines through her makeup looks and in her videos!

Abelyn Salazar @asapabes


4 more days til my eras show ?

♬ cowboy like me – Taylor Swift

The Alexa Demie of TikTok, Abelyn Salazar, aka the Latina influencer with the cool girl and clean girl aesthetic! She’s a fashion and beauty TikTok influencer who gives off cool girl energy with her vlog-style content. There is something about her ‘get ready with me’ videos that are just so satisfying to watch, and it seems like you’re with her getting ready.

Her outfit videos are always giving, and if you love classic, chic looks with fun twists, Abelyn is the girl to follow! It’s fun watching her go on these solo dates because it makes you want to appreciate alone time and try new things alone. Seeing her grow as a Latina creator can be so inspiring to others, and watching her build her brand is so exciting to watch. One last thing: Abelyn will always give you the perfect lip combo to try!

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Jackie Aina @jackieaina

If you’ve been a fan of the beauty industry for a while, you should definitely know who Jackie Aina is! She’s one of the OG beauty influencers on YouTube and is one of the many Black influencers you should follow! Her videos are so aesthetically pleasing that it makes you go down a rabbit hole, and before you know it, you’ve seen all her videos. 

Jackie has been the blueprint for so many Black beauty influencers. She loves encouraging other Black women to occupy all different spaces, which is truly inspiring. Her vlog-style TikTok videos are so entertaining, and even her cleaning videos make cleaning look fun! It’s also so beautiful for her to show her followers her Nigerian culture by wearing Yoruba fashion.

Vidya Gopalan @queencitytrends

Vidya’s family dynamic is one that you will fall in love with! Vidya Gopalan is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle TikTok influencer with a Southeast Asian background. Her family OOTDs are so pure and cute to watch that it makes you want to see all of them! She creates content about fashion and what it’s like to be a full-time content creator and influencer with a family.

As a brown mom, Vidya shares TikTok videos of the relationship she has with her children. With her daughter Sahana, the videos she posts are so special, and every brown girl has to see them! Vidya teaches Sahana to love and embrace her beautiful Indian features. She always reminds Sahana to never change for anyone but herself.

Vidya’s TikToks are always so wholesome, and it’s so inspiring to see her teach her children to be proud of who they are. She also always has the most killer outfits!

TikTok can be a fun platform where you can find influencers and creators to relate to. However, it can sometimes be challenging to discover these influencers, as they may not always receive the attention they deserve compared to others. We hope that this list has helped you find a TikToker who can inspire and resonate with you! We also HIGHLY suggest seeking out other BIPOC influencers and sharing with us who your favorite BIPOC TikTok influencers are to share the support!

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