With my career, applying make-up can be a daily task… a chore even. Since I do not have a “team” to handle all of these additional tasks, I’m always coming up with hacks that make my life a little easier. In the past, I dreaded when it was time to clean my make-up brushes. It was always a long and arduous process. I’ve tried a lot of different methods to get the job done but it still proved to be a #fail.

    As of recently, I’ve discovered a new way to clean my brushes much more easily. Not only is this method faster, but it’s effortless when it comes to removing all the make-up out of your brush.


    Make-up Brush | Castile Soap | 90% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol

    Comment below and let me know if this method works for you too or share your tips with others!


    Nekia Nichelle

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