Want to contribute to Justnlife.com? Well, we want to hear from you! We’re passionate about stories from a diverse range of people, using our brand to highlight underrepresented voices and topics in particular. Everyone is welcome on Just N Life.

We are always on the lookout for fresh, new voices to add to our roster of talented writers. We accept submissions from writers of all experience levels. However, we understand that it might be confusing knowing how to share this story with us, especially if you have never pitched before. So, we’ve built these guidelines to help ensure everyone has a fair and equal chance of working with us.

How to pitch to Just N Life

Step 1: Do Your Research

Prior to submitting your pitch, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our website. Consider where your story might best fit and the unique perspective it could bring to that section.

It’s also advisable to check our archives for any similar content. By conducting a search using ‘site: justnlife.com’ along with your topic, you can gain insights into our previous coverage. For example, a Google search like ‘site: justnlife.com ADOPTION’ will reveal our existing content on adoption. While we are open to exploring diverse topics, we encourage new pitches to offer a significantly different and fresh perspective, avoiding repetition of existing content. If you believe a previous piece requires updating, please articulate why and how you’re the ideal person for the task. We appreciate your thoughtful approach to contributing to our platform.

Step 2: Perfect Your Pitch

If you believe your pitch aligns with our editorial needs, we welcome your submission! To effectively pitch, kindly email the appropriate contact (addresses provided below) with the following details:

  • Suggested Headline: Craft a headline that encapsulates what would captivate our readers.
  • A Summary (200-250 words): Clearly articulate your pitch, highlighting its current relevance and why it’s crucial for the N’Crowd aka our readers. Explain your unique angle, outlining your approach to research and writing. Specify which experts or case studies you plan to include and if you have access to them. If it’s a personal narrative, describe your storytelling strategy and the key elements you would incorporate. Why do you believe the N’ Crowd would find your pitch compelling?
  • Your Previous Work: Finally, we’d appreciate the opportunity to review your previous work, particularly anything pertinent to this pitch or aligned with our brand. The material doesn’t need to be highly polished, but sharing 2-3 links or examples—be it from your blog, a published article, or social media—would provide us with a glimpse of your writing style.

In the subject line, please use the word “PITCH” to help our editors easily identify your submission amid the daily influx of emails. Keep your pitch concise (200-250 words), and remember, we can follow up with additional questions if needed. Please refrain from submitting full articles, as we prefer a collaborative approach to content development and rarely accept fully written pieces without prior discussion. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your creative contributions!

Step 3: What’s Next?

Due to the high volume of pitches we receive, regrettably, we may not be able to respond to everyone promptly. Our editors typically review submissions at least biweekly, but please understand that response times can vary due to differing schedules. We are committed to reaching out to as many contributors as possible, prioritizing successful pitches or those requiring follow-up questions. If your pitch is time-sensitive, feel free to follow up, especially if it’s particularly topical; in such cases, kindly include ‘TOPICAL PITCH’ in the subject line. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Important Notice: Our budget constraints limit our ability to commission a limited number of pieces— a maximum of 5-10 for digital each month. It’s essential to understand that various factors, beyond budget limitations, influence the progression of a pitch. If your pitch doesn’t advance to the next stage, please don’t be disheartened; we encourage you to submit again!

Should your idea resonate with the editor, they may reach out, seeking additional details or commissioning you with a brief, including outlined expectations, deadlines, and proposed compensation.

All submissions must undergo thorough fact-checking, ensuring accuracy with clearly cited sources, facts, and figures. We require that any work you submit is original, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Your commitment to these standards is greatly appreciated.

So, what do we want?

At Justnlife.com, we are all about positive storytelling

Features (online)

Justnlife.com is your one-stop-shop for all things fun and inspiring! We’re all about entertainment, lifestyle, and inspiration coming together to create a unique and exciting experience for our readers. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, some uplifting and entertaining news, or just a bit of inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

We’re passionate about creating stories that tell a positive and N’powering narrative, leaving you feeling N’spired and ready to take on the world. Plus, with our Just N Life podcast, we take you even deeper into the stories and topics that matter most to our readers, giving them an even more personal experience.

So, being apart of the Just N Life community aka the N’Crowd is all about being apart of a journey where we N’terain, N’joy, N’ligthen, and N’hance ourselves…JUST N LIFE!

Topics We Love

Justnlife.com is dedicated to discussing a wide range of topics that include entertainment, lifestyle, personal/business development, health and wellness, relationships, travel and more. We strive to provide fun, engaging and uplifting content that our readers can relate to and find inspiration in.

Our goal is to empower our readers to live their best life, from providing practical tips and advice to sharing positive and inspiring stories. We also love to discuss pop culture, fashion and beauty trends, food, and other aspects of lifestyle that can add value to our readers’ lives. Additionally, we like to discuss social issues, current events and how to make a positive impact on the world.

Always explain why you’re pitching this feature now, and why you should go into a specific section on the site. There are lots of brilliant stories out there, but we want to know exactly what you’re going to bring to it that makes it new/interesting/timely, why you feel it’s best suited to our readership, and why you’re best-placed to write it.

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

For reference, here are a couple of articles we N’Joy:

Stay Body Positive With These 4 Tips!

3 Mantras To Help You Stop Rushing The Process Of Success

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

5 Ways To Get Back On Track After A Break-Up

Topics That Don’t Fit

Gossip or trash talking! We are more about uplifting and inspiring our readers rather than being messy. We also do not publish prose, poetry, politics, hard news, or fictional works.

Not a Writer, But Have a Story to Tell?

Justnlife.com puts out weekly call-to-actions for stories from the community based on specific themes we’re interested in exploring. If you are responding to a call to action, please send your full story in the email with as much detail as possible. If we are interested, one of our editors will reach out to work with you on publishing your story.

Call-to-action submissions are not paid.

If this is your first time submitting to Just N Life, please keep the following in mind before you hit that “send” button:

  • We love getting the full scoop from the get-go, so please send us full drafts of your work on the first pitch. That way, we can get a taste of your writing style and see if you’re a good fit for our upbeat and positive audience.
  • Even when discussing heavy topics, we like to keep things light and fun. We want to see the inspirational takeaway in your work, so don’t be afraid to add a bit of humor or positivity.
  • The sweet spot for length is between 200-400 words for editorial pitches and 600-1200 words for personal essays.
  • As a new writer, your first piece will be on a trial basis. Think of it as a test drive – we want to see how well your writing does with our audience before giving you the green light as a regular contributor.
  • Send your submissions to submissions@justnlife.com and make sure to include your proposed title in the subject line. Keep it snappy and eye-catching, like our current headlines.
  • If you have any writing samples, please feel free to include them. We love to see a writer’s versatility.

So, let’s have some fun and bring your stories to life on Justnlife.com!

close up view of an old typewriter
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Want to become a regular contributor?

As well as one-off writing commissions, we do have some limited opportunities for freelance work from time-to-time.

Writing for the website

The internet never sleeps and to ensure our website is up-to-date with the latest news, our full-time editorial team is supported by a small pool of freelancers. These contributors usually work in short shifts that fall outside of the ‘normal’ 9-5 Monday-Friday working hours.

These contributors must be comfortable writing across all verticals on our website. You must have previous experience with writing celebrity news and be familiar with using content management systems to upload your stories. Experience with Canva or other photo-editing tools and a basic understanding of media law as it applies to digital content, are also a definite plus.
If this sounds like you and you would like to be considered the next time we are looking to expand our pool of regular freelancers, then send your CV and a brief covering email of no more than 200 words, to: submissions@justnlife.com

Video, design and multimedia contributors

Are you a video editor or motion graphics designer/animator available for freelance work? We’d love to hear from you! We are looking for creative masterminds who understand the Just N Life brand and aesthetic, with previous experience in this field.

If you would like to be considered for freelance video opportunities, please email a copy of your CV and showreel (or 2-3 links to or examples of your work) to: submissions@justnlife.com

If you would like to be considered for freelance design and motion graphics opportunities across our website and social channels, please email a copy of your CV and showreel (or 2-3 links to or examples of your work) to: submissions@justnlife.com

Please note opportunities are extremely limited due to budget and we will be in touch as and when a relevant project or opening is available.

Photographers and illustrators

Are you a photographer passionate about capturing fashion, beauty, portraiture, lifestyle, or still life moments? We invite you to reach out! We’re seeking photographers with a background in studio and on-location shooting, individuals who grasp and can embody the distinctive Just N Life aesthetic. We appreciate bright, creative, and polished editorial imagery infused with energy, confidence, and personality. Proficiency in shooting at a digital resolution of 300 dpi for print quality is a must, coupled with experience in effectively utilizing lighting techniques for both studio and location sessions.

If you would like to be considered for freelance photographic opportunities on our website, please send over your portfolio, website or Instagram link to: submissions@justnlife.com

Just N Life is also on the look out for illustrators! Whether you work in the more established mediums or are skilled in CGI, your work might be just what we need to bring our award-winning content to life.

It’s important your style fits with the modern and fun Just N Life aesthetic, so take a look at our magazine, website and social channels. If you think your work is right for us, email 3-5 relevant links to show us what you’ve been working on (or if easier, we’re happy to look at PDFs) and specify what platform/medium and topic area you see your work best fitting.

Send your work to: 

Kindly be aware that opportunities have been substantially influenced by the pandemic and are contingent upon approved concepts and budget availability. Due to the high volume of emails, we will reach out when a relevant commission aligns with our current needs.

Should you be selected, a member of our team will commission you, providing a comprehensive brief to guide your work. Continuous collaboration with the designer will be necessary until the project reaches completion. The fee for your services will be confirmed before commencement, and it will be contingent on the complexity and size of the illustration.