You are more than your body! Trying to stay ‘Body Positive’ in a world that encourages harmful comparisons can be quite challenging. Back in 2011, Glamour released survey results showing that 97% of respondents had at least one negative thought about their body each day. Nearly every single woman (and a lot of men) has complicated relationships with the skin they’re in. 

    As the owner of the Brazilianaire Studio, a spa specializing in numbed Brazilian waxes, I have been up close and personal with all types of bodies. And I can truly say that there is something beautiful about everyone. My clients’ choice to be in a vulnerable state during waxing gives me the courage to accept and love my own body.

    Learning to love your body doesn’t happen overnight. But it is possible. Here are a few ideas to help you rewire your thoughts. 


    Your body allows you to do so many amazing things. Every day write down something about your body that you are grateful for.


    Start with things like “I am thankful for my body,” “my body does not define my worth,” or “I am loved the same at my current state of body and mind.” You get the point! I also love having my 5-year-old join me in these positive affirmations. 


    Encourage your social circle to be kind to themselves so you can, too.


    It can be hard to stop negative thoughts. When you hear yourself insulting your body, say “stop!” out loud, hold up your hand or visualize a stop sign. 

    Our bodies allow us to breathe, move and love. It is time we all start appreciating those physical miracles more, instead of shaming ourselves and each other for the way we look.

    About The Writer

    Gia Carter

    Gia Carter is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Brazilianaire Studio, a full-service luxury medical spa in Spanish Fork, UT. Shas dedicated her life to empowering women to love their bodies and believe in themselves. When she isn’t changing the world, Gia loves to spend time with her husband, four-year-old, and twin toddlers. 

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