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Back To School Must-Haves

Back To School Must-Haves

Kids are entering another school year during a global pandemic this time in-person (possibly). Yes, the school provides a list of books, notebooks, and writing utensils but what about the larger trendy items. Items like the right bookbags or tech gear. And let’s not forget the fact that if your classes will be in-person, you still should keep a good bottle of sanitizer and mask-up. The below list of items is a round-up of the latest and best gear for your student heading back to school.


Pure Sky cleaning products are created by their patented microfiber technology and are designed to make cleaning around the house, class, or dorm room fast, budget-efficient, effortless and fun at any age. It’s great for cleaning behind your kids because it contains zero chemicals and removes 99% of bacteria. Their cloths also allow you to clean any surface with just water for a pristine and sparkling shine. No cleaning sprays are needed. The microfiber technology is also available in cloths, mops, dusting gloves, pads, and sponges.


Bentgo is the perfect lunchbox for kids ages 3-7! Its 5 practical compartments are portioned perfectly for a child’s appetite. There’s room for an entree, fruits and veggies, healthy snacks, and dipping sauces. Bentgo Kids is thoughtfully designed with drop-proof, rubber-coated edges, and a unique contoured lid that is perfectly contoured to each compartment of the tray to help prevent leaks, lock in freshness and keep lunch bags and backpacks mess-free. It makes meal prep easy by popping the tray out of the outer box, filling it with food, and freezing. Once ready to eat, simply place the tray in the microwave and reheat food for up to 3 minutes and 180℉.


Apple’s 13″ Macbook Air laptop is ideal for hybrid students or learning completely virtual. Having a laptop is extremely important to not only joining your Zoom Class but to do homework. This powerhouse is able to handle your student’s heavy workload. With 8GB of unified memory, it makes your entire system speedy and responsive. That way it can support tasks like memory-hogging multitab browsing and opening a huge graphic file quickly and easily. It also has all-day battery life, which lets you go longer than ever with up to 18 hours of battery life. It’s powerful. Intuitive. and is designed to let you work, play, and create like never before.


What’s a laptop without a printer! Kiss expensive cartridges goodbye. With Epson Eco-Tank ET 4760, students and families can print freely without worrying about running out of ink. It provides cartridge fee printing, that’s easy to fill, and includes 2 years of ink. It comes with easy wireless printing, so you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet. Their supersized tanks make it great for printing essays, homework, projects, and more.

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Let’s not forget the backpacks to store all of these essential items and more! The trendiest backpack that I found is one by LoveVook.  The laptop backpack has multiple divider pockets, easy for holding 15.6 Inches laptops, iPads, phones, water bottles, umbrellas, readers, journals, magazines, clothes, pens, wallets and so on. The coolest part about this backpack is the invisible anti-theft pocket on the back can well protect your wallet, mobile phone, and other valuables. It also comes with an external USB port with a built-in charging cable– great for a techy student that needs to keep all his/her devices fully charged.

Matein backpacks are also pretty trendy because they provide insulated material that can keep foods and drinks cool or warm for more than 4 hours. Besides, the interior lining is made of a food-grade Aluminum layer so you could put your foods into the bag directly. The built-in thick EPE foam provides great protection to your containers, foods, and drinks. The backpack with a thermal area combines all convenient features for outdoor activity and travel. It also comes with a convenient external USB charging port so you can charge your electronic devices while walking. The luggage straps allow you to attach to a luggage case and slide along with it. There’s also a card pocket on the shoulder strap providing easy access to your cards when in need and an anti-theft pocket on the back for your valuables. The perfect partner for students heading back to school.

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