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Expert Tips On Getting Your Make-Up To Last In The Summer Heat

Expert Tips On Getting Your Make-Up To Last In The Summer Heat

summer make-up tips

As the hot summer days are upon us, the urge to spend all day outside in the sunshine is inevitable. But what is also inevitable is heat, humidity and sweat, so it is common for many to want to avoid wearing makeup at all costs due to the risk of oily foreheads, smeared mascara, sunburnt skin and sweaty upper lips. 

The need to avoid makeup entirely is no longer an issue as experts at beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha have put together their top tips on how to get your makeup to last longer during hot and sunny days, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable. 

Apply An SPF 

If you haven’t already introduced an SPF into your everyday skincare routine, take this as your sign. Sunscreen should be used all year round, not just during the summer months, but it is essential to remember to use a higher SPF during seasons of higher UV to protect your skin.

You should reapply your sunscreen often, every four hours indoors and every two hours if you plan to be exposed to sunlight all day. This may sound like this could be tricky once you have already applied makeup, but there are plenty of spray-on sunscreens on the market which have been invented to combat this issue. Apply an even layer of a spray SPF on the top of your makeup regularly throughout the day to keep your skin protected.

summer make-up tips

Use A Good Primer & Moisturizer

The preparation of the skin before you apply your makeup is just as important, if not more important, than the makeup itself. If your skin isn’t prepped before you apply makeup, it can prevent your makeup from applying nicely, causing it to look patchy and uneven and reduce the length of time it will last. 

If you are attending an event such as prom, graduation or a wedding this summer, this step is vital for ensuring your makeup lasts. When layering up on makeup for a special occasion, you must always make sure to take time with your preparation as it plays a main part in longevity so don’t skip this step and assume it is all about the makeup you put on.

Matte Makeup Is The Key

The worst thing to deal with in the heat is makeup creasing and sitting badly on your pores. Matte foundations and concealers that offer a soft finish will prevent creasing as they don’t contain mineral oils in their formulas which indefinitely will cause your skin to look and feel oily.

Wear Less Product

It sounds obvious, and to some who like to layer up on makeup, it can be hard to part ways, but by wearing less on your skin, you will have fewer chances of ending the day with patchy, oily and sweaty makeup. Instead of foundations, try opting for lighter coverage options such as tinted moisturizer, BB creams or CC creams which still offer different levels of coverage but are light on the skin. If you like to wear more but look like you are wearing less, try a powder foundation, which will be one less liquid product on your face but will still provide buildable coverage.

Skip Highlighters & Added Shimmers

When you sweat, your body will produce a natural glow, so by avoiding shimmers and glittery highlighters, you will prevent your skin from looking wet and sweaty as the day goes on. If you cannot live without a little sheen, just remember, you want to look dewy and not sweaty, so by only applying highlighter in areas where you don’t get oily, you will allow your body’s natural shine to come through, and you can apply a light powder throughout the day or use an oil wipe to get off any sweat. 

Lip Stains Over Lipstick

Lip stains are the new must-have for summer makeup as they come in hundreds of shades, are long-lasting and, most importantly, don’t budge! Most lip stains are comfortable and moisturizing on the lips; they come in various levels of coverage, which is great for those who might like to apply it a few times a day or just once.

Lip stains are a great option for those attending proms or graduations as they are easy to apply and don’t take up much room in your bag, and they also speed up the time you will spend applying product as opposed to opting for a liner and lipstick.

Setting Spray

A setting spray is essential for the longevity of your makeup, especially in the heat. A setting spray will seal and lock in your whole face and keep it looking flawless and slick. You can apply setting spray after each step of your makeup if you are really wanting budge-proof makeup, or you can use it just before or after you apply. Setting sprays are also great for dampening sponges or beauty blenders before blending liquid products and are also a great way to cool down your face throughout the day or night.

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Setting sprays are a must when it comes to doing your own makeup or getting your makeup done professionally for an event. Finishing up your face with a setting spray will melt all the makeup seamlessly onto your skin while setting it in place so you can enjoy your event knowing you will still look flawless at the end of the night.

Getting Your Makeup Done Professionally During Summer Months & How To Make It Last:

summer make-up tips

If you are getting your makeup done professionally for an occasion, you will need to make sure you know exactly what the artist is using so you can work out which products you might need to take for touch-ups. For example, if your artist is using a more oil-based foundation and you intend on dancing the night away, it would be advised to take a small compact powder which you can use to reset your t-zone if you get oily.

You can also take your own preferred products to an artist and ask them to use those if you feel like you know exactly what you want and how each of those products work with your skin.  

Do your research and make sure you are happy and confident with who you are choosing to put products on your skin. Many artists offer a trial makeup session, especially for proms, graduations and weddings which is a great idea for getting a feel for what the makeup will look like on the day. Make sure you chat to your makeup artist about how long you want it to last as they might have their own hidden gems for making your makeup last. 

Extra tips that will ensure long-lasting makeup in the heat:

  • Try waterproof products, especially if you will be in the pool or at the beach.
  • Use a matte bronzer over shimmery bronzer, this will prevent looking oily as the day goes on.
  • Use an oil-free moisturiser which will prevent greasiness throughout the day.
  • Avoid using eye creams on your eyelids before makeup, instead opt for an eye shadow primer.
  • Carry mini-products with you for top-ups throughout the day, this means you can touch up at any point without taking up much room in your bag.
  • After applying lip liner and lipstick, use a similar colour eyeshadow or translucent powder on the top to lock in colour and prevent lip liner bleeding.
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