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What to Wear to the Malibu Barbie Cafe in Chicago: Amazon Edition

What to Wear to the Malibu Barbie Cafe in Chicago: Amazon Edition

The Malibu Barbie Cafe in Chicago has finally opened to the public and is here to take you to this immersive 70s beach experience with a Barbie twist. This dining experience is a great way to get a taste of what Malibu is like while living in this Barbie fantasy world.

Like at any pop-up, matching the theme or aesthetic is fun! But it can also be stressful when you don’t know what to wear, which is why we’ve provided you with some ideas and styles from Amazon (that won’t hurt your pockets) to help you decide what to wear!

Barbie Cafe Chicago

Anything and Everything Pink!

Barbie is like the reigning queen of pink, like seriously! She’s got this reputation for rocking the most fabulous pink outfits and just about everything in her world is drenched in pink perfection. So naturally, wearing anything pink will automatically fit the Barbie aesthetic. Since this is a more Malibu-beach vibe, this ruffle, tie-front dress will work perfectly. It’s a very easy, flattering dress that will transport you to Malibu!

If you want to wear something with more coverage but still show a little skin, this square-neck dress with a crossover waist is the way to go! It’s very girly and will make you feel like you’re a Barbie princess who loves hanging around the beach.

What’s great about these dresses is that they also come in different shades of pink and other colors, which gives you more options.

If you’re not much of a dress person, no problem! This one-shoulder crop top and high-waisted short set are made for you. Not only is it very flattering, but it will also help you stay cool. It also makes a great Instagram pic with the Barbie surfboard they have!

If you’re into the ‘hot girl summer’ look, this hot pink crop top and skirt set is a must. It gives off a glam yet sexy look that gets you ready to try out the pink watermelon margaritas they have. 

Both sets are great if you want to show off a little more skin. You can even wear them separately, and they will still match the Malibu-beach aesthetic.

Live in Your 70s Retro-Dream

A 70s beach experience calls for 70s-inspired outfits, and what better way to go all out than at the Barbie Cafe? These ideas and styles are for people who don’t necessarily want to go all out on the pink theme but still want that retro Barbie look. 

You can’t go wrong with wearing a denim jumpsuit or romper. This short-sleeve, denim romper is perfect for the pop-up because of how easy and versatile it is. You can make it a full 70s moment by adding cowboy boots and a fringe bag like the model has, or keep it more casual with a sneaker.

If you want a more modern and trendy jumpsuit, there’s this square-collar jumpsuit that comes in different colors and prints. It even has pockets! With this jumpsuit, you can do a more chic, modern 70s look with a denim jacket and a classic fedora hat.

These jumpsuits and rompers are great for your 70s retro dream and will make you look like a Barbie straight from the 70s. They’re comfortable and will look great next to the pink roller rink they have.

Barbie Mode on the Accessories 

Whether you’re having a full-on pink moment, living your 70s dream, or already have something in your closet, the key to the perfect outfits is the accessories. 

No matter what, Barbie always has the perfect bag that matches her outfit. This pink JW PEI knitted shoulder bag screams Barbie and is perfect if you’re going for the everything pink or 70s vibe. The floral print is fun and playful, and it can hold all your essentials.

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JW PEI Shoulder Bag

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JW PEI also has this ruched-style handbag that comes in many colors and also adds a pop of color to your outfit.

If these are a little over your budget, there are these top-braided shoulder bags that are very similar and come in different colors. 

Pink top-braided shoulder bag.

Top-Braided Shoulder Bag

Stylish shoulder bag with a braided handle

Barbie also always has the perfect hair accessories. These satin headband pieces give you that classic Barbie doll effect. If you love a more glam Barbie, this three-piece faux pearl headband will make you look glam and classy!

Now that you have these stunning fashion items from Amazon to choose from, get shopping and start adding them to your cart! They’re the perfect items to prepare you for the Malibu Barbie Cafe and make you feel like a life-size Barbie doll. Perfect for Instagram pics and making you feel like you’re living it up in Malibu! Start to unleash your inner Barbie and get to slaying!

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