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The Future is Pop Female Fans: Their Power and Influence

The Future is Pop Female Fans: Their Power and Influence

Fan girls at a concert.

From the time of ‘Beatlemania to ‘Bieber Fever,’ ‘One Direction Infection,’ BTS Army,’ Bey Hive, Barbz, Swifties, etc., all of these fanbases have one thing in common: the majority of the fans are females.

The music industry is influenced by many pop-female fans who have a powerful impact. These fans are the future. Their influence goes way beyond the music charts.

“How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there.

Harry Styles for Rolling Stones 2017

There are a lot of misconceptions about fandoms, but we wanted to highlight the positive impacts these female-led fanbases have brought within the community. 

The BTS Army and their Power

Back in June 2020, one month after the murder of George Floyd, the K-Pop group BTS donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement. The group took to Twitter to show support for the cause.

It was then retweeted by a million people, and soon the BTS Army had #MatchAMillion trending. 

The account @OneInAnArmy had tweeted out a Carrd that provided donation links to the BLM Foundation.

In 24 hours, fans surpassed BTS’ $1 million donation to show their support and spread awareness of the movement. 

Swifties vs Ticketmaster 

When Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour in November 2022, many fans were excited for her comeback tour. However, they did not expect what was to come when buying tickets.

Ticketmaster has had its ups and downs when it comes to purchasing tickets. During the ‘Verified Fan’ pre-sale, many Swifties had trouble being kicked off the queue and were not able to purchase tickets due to bots and scammers.

Ticketmaster also gave away 1.4 million codes to “verified fans,” and when it was time for the general sale, there was “not enough inventory.”

As a result, Swifties took to Twitter and voiced how unfair and chaotic this whole process was. This past March, Ticketmaster and their parent company, Live Nation, faced a lawsuit from Swift’s large fanbase.

The group of pop-female fans demanded a change in how the ticketing process works. They want live music events to be more accessible to the average consumer. 

While the Swifties did get a lot of attention from mainstream media, it’s not the only fanbase that has had bad experiences with Ticketmaster. Many other fandoms have called out Ticketmaster for their unfair practices. Fans all over are demanding a change in how Ticketmaster operates, and you can see it when they all come together to have their voices heard. 

Fandoms Even Hold Their Favs Accountable 

One thing about pop-female fans is they will be honest and let their favs know when they’re in the wrong. Doja Cat’s fans have been deactivating their fan accounts after she criticized them for calling themselves ‘Kittenz.’

It all started when the account @harryxhalle tweeted a picture of Doja Cat blocking her. The fan then quote tweeted her tweet and explained how she was trying to let Doja know about the abuse her boyfriend, J. Cyrus, had done to other women and minors. 

Soon after that, she took to Threads to say that the fans that call themselves “kittenz” need to get off their phones and get a job. 

A fan responded to her Thread post which asked Doja to say “I love you” to the fans, to which she responded with, “i don’t though cuz i don’t even know yall.”

Top fan pages of Doja soon started deactivating due to a lack of accountability and gratitude towards the fans. 

The fans came together to support the victims affected by the abuse of J. Cyrus. They took their side and spoke out against him, something Doja hadn’t done. The fanbase spread awareness of the allegations and accusations to let other fans know who Doja is dating.

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Deactivating their fan accounts goes to show that these fans will not support someone who doesn’t appreciate them. This is them supporting one another and being there for each other.

The Communities Fans Have Built

What the BTS Army, Swifties, and Kittenz have done are some examples of what women and girls can do when they come together to demand change or spread awareness. 

One of the greatest things fans have done is create friendships and build communities.

Stan Twitter is the hub for many fan bases. Here, they create fan accounts where they tweet about their favs. In doing so, fans create communities by interacting with other fans and sharing their passions.

It’s a place where they talk about their favorite songs, music videos, concerts, outfits, and more. Believe it or not, many fans have met their best friends through their favorite artists. 

Then, when the artist has a concert, fans fill the room with love and acceptance. If you look at videos of Beyoncé‘s Renaissance Tour, the arena is a dance party with a community full of joy and happiness. TikToker @wookid_ posted a TikTok that shows how the crowd sings their hearts out to the iconic song “Love on Top.” The tour has fans sharing dance moves, laughs, tears, and hyping their Queen Bee!

Harry Styles‘ Love on Tour is another tour where if you look at videos, you can see the environment fans have created that’s full of acceptance. @Caitytakesphotos on TikTok created an edit that shows the concert through the eyes of the crowd. The fans are full of excitement, love, and happiness.


Brought my film camera to Wembley Stadium to capture the best concert I’ve ever seen through the lens of the crowd ♥️ #loveontour #wembleystadium #filmphotography #harrystyles

♬ original sound – micaela!

Pop-female fans are the future. They are here to stay and will forever be able to show just how powerful and influential they are. 

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