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Journaling: A Guide for Your New Self-Care Journey

Journaling: A Guide for Your New Self-Care Journey

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We know that everyone’s self-care journey looks different, and we know that it’s a process. However, one common factor in many people’s journeys is self-reflection and looking back to see how you can add or remove things from your life. Introducing journaling into your life can be a great way to start your journey!

Journaling is a tool and outlet that can help you in your self-care journey! It has amazing benefits! You’re able to customize your journals and look back to see how far you’ve come!

Why Should I Journal?

Woman journaling

You may be thinking that writing out my feelings or problems on paper seems so old-fashioned. However, it’s actually one of the best ways to let all your worries and anxieties go! Journaling creates a space for you to store all those bottled-up feelings and let all the negativity go.

It has also proven to have a lot of benefits emotionally, mentally, and physically. Journaling has shown that it can strengthen your immune system, improve liver and lung functions, keep your memory sharp, and help you overcome depression and anxiety.

How Should I Journal?

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Just like everyone’s self-care journey is different, the way people journal is also different! It’s completely up to you how and what you want to write about. It could be about what’s stressing you out, or it could be about a happy memory.

The important thing is that you’re writing! You most definitely do not have to be the spelling and punctuation queen here! This writing is expressive and meant for you. Journaling is for letting that weight off your chest, for self-reflection, or for cherishing happy memories.

Your journaling can be a couple of lines or paragraphs, or it could be many pages. It’s all up to you! The key is to be consistent and write something big or small each day!

What Journal Should I Use?

Picking out the perfect journal is fun because there are so many designs! There are even journals that already have prompts and mood trackers which can make your self-care journey easier to track! 

If you’re on a path to finding more gratitude, this Five Minute Journal is for you! It’s a great way for writing down what you’re grateful for, your daily affirmations, and the highlights of your day. 

The Five Minute Journal on Amazon.

The Five Minute Journal

Daily gratitude journal used for self-reflection, manifestations, and more!

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Or, maybe you just want a journal with blank sheets with designs that fit your aesthetic, then these journals from Papier have many designs to choose from!

Journaling is Customizable!

Journal that is custom.

Wherever you are in your self-care journey can determine what type of journaling you want to do! That’s the great thing about journaling: maybe you want a journal specifically for your anxious thoughts and another one for your wellness journey. They can all be customized to fit your journey!

There are plenty of journals to choose from; they range from reading journals to help you track the books you read, to traveling journals, ones for your manifestations, ones for your dreams, and more! At the end of the day, they’re all meant to guide you and help you become the best person you can be!

Now that you know a thing or two about journaling, grab a pen and journal, and start your journey today! Remember, journaling is meant to help you, and this process can look different from someone else’s, which is totally okay! Putting in the time to write about whatever you want is a form of self-care!

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