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The ‘Lucky Girl’ Syndrome and How You Can Achieve It

The ‘Lucky Girl’ Syndrome and How You Can Achieve It

If you’ve been seeing this ‘lucky girl’ syndrome all over your TikTok, this is your sign for you to become a lucky girl!

The lucky girl syndrome is exactly what it sounds like – a person who is extremely lucky and attracts good things by manifesting them into their life! This type of manifesting is more focused on changing your mindset and looking at things in a more positive light.

This popular trend started on TikTok when creators such as Laura Galebe would talk about how using these ‘lucky girl’ manifestations and affirmations changed their lives for the better. It gained attraction, and now more and more people are trying these positive affirmations and sharing how it has changed their lives as well.

It even has gotten to the point where there are specific audio sounds on TikTok for this trend, and users will use them to manifest their dreams and lucky events to life.

Steps to Achieve the ‘Lucky Girl’ Syndrome

Step One: Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations in the mirror.

The first step to becoming a lucky girl is to say it out loud! Daily affirmations will help you manifest all the lucky things in your life. You can start by saying affirmations like “I’m so lucky, great things are always happening to me unexpectedly” or “I’m so lucky, things are always working out for me.” 

Any variation of telling yourself that you’re lucky will work! It’s best to say these affirmations to yourself in the mirror so that you can visualize them and really believe in them. 

Step Two: Writing Your Manifestation in a Journal 

Journal to become a lucky girl.

Lucky girls write down their manifestations! It’s important to physically write down your manifestations and luck because it makes them more concrete. It’s helpful to have a journal specifically for manifesting because this will essentially be your vision board.

You can write those daily affirmations in this journal or manifest a specific event to work in your favor. If you want to manifest something for the future, it’s important that you write it down like it already happened. You want to write down things like, “I’m so lucky that [x], [y], and [z] happened” or “I’m so grateful for [x].” You want to get as specific as you can to manifest all the luck your way!

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Step Three: Changing Your Mindset

Lucky girl mindset change.

One of the most important steps to becoming a lucky girl is changing your mindset! Instead of feeling doubtful or undeserving, you will now have to change your ways and believe in yourself! You have to show yourself confidence and motivation, which will help you attract all the luck!

It isn’t easy to change your outlook on things. There will be times when you feel like events didn’t work out like you thought they would, so you should see it as something that wasn’t meant for you during that time because greater and better opportunities are waiting for you!

Whether you do or don’t believe in manifesting or this ‘lucky girl’ syndrome, trying out these steps will still help you become a better, more positive version of yourself! The lucky girl syndrome is all about attracting positivity and great things into your life. Not only will you gain a better mindset, but everything will end up working out your way! 

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