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How to Become Your Best Self Into the New Year

How to Become Your Best Self Into the New Year

Become your best self.

New year, new me is no “overrated” saying, it’s your chance to start a new journey. If you want to become your best self and thrive into the new year, add these healthy habits, and you’ll be the best version of yourself.

No Screen Time First Thing in the Morning

Become your best self by not having so much screen time.

It’s easier said than done not to pick up your phone first thing in the morning, but limiting your screen time first thing in the morning can make a difference. Scrolling through social media or emails first thing in the morning can trigger anxious or overwhelming feelings or may bring stress even before your day begins.

Instead of adding all these unwanted feelings or emotions, you can try meditation or start with breathing exercises first thing in the morning. The less screen time you have in the morning, the more you’ll feel accomplished and motivated.

Meditate Each Morning

Speaking of meditation, adding this to your morning routine can give you the fresh start you need each morning. Meditation is a way for you to clear your mind and have the chance to set your intentions for the day. By doing this, you will have set goals for the day to motivate you to continue practicing these healthy habits.

Meditation reduces stress, improves energy and sleep, enhances your awareness and attention span, and helps with anxiety and depression. Below are some guided meditation videos that can help you achieve just that and give you a new beginning each day.

Less Caffeine, More Tea

Drinking tea will help you become your best self.

Another challenging change that’s easier said than done. Caffeine gets most of us through our days and is the drink we look forward to the most in the mornings. However, caffeine is linked to an increase in cortisol levels. Having a higher cortisol level means more stress on the body, a retention of weight, and can cause other health problems.

We’re not saying you can never drink coffee again (because that’s a crime), but less caffeine can mean trying out other drinks, such as teas. One tea you can try is lemon, ginger, and honey tea, which will not only get you through the flu season but will also help detox all that negativity stored in the body.

Believe it or not, sometimes caffeine can cause us more stress and anxiety, and teas are great for helping you de-stress. Teas with lavender and chamomile are great for reducing anxiety.

Low-Impact Exercises 

Low impact exercises to help you with your new journey.

Say goodbye to HIIT and other high-intensity exercises because this new era will be all about lower-impact exercises. High-intensity workouts aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they do add a lot of stress to the body. The reason why low-impact is the way to go is that it’s less stressful on the body, beginner-friendly, and you’re at a lower risk of causing an injury.

Some great low-impact exercises you can try are pilates and yoga. Both of these workouts help with flexibility, help with any back pain, and are great ways to show love to your body. They’re also a good way to improve your mood and get your body moving without pushing yourself too much.

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No More Impulse Buying

Impulse buying.

This new journey calls for eliminating that unhealthy habit of buying everything on sight that you want. Overconsumption is a common thing and a challenging habit to break. Of course, treating yourself to a new pair of shoes or a new bag is a must and highly encouraged. However, it’s time to think about the things you really need.

By buying less, not only will you be saving more money, but this way you’ll also buy things that you can see yourself wearing or using more than once. It’ll also help with starting a capsule wardrobe, which is an ‘in’ for 2024.

Your Journal is Your Best Friend

No more keeping emotions and anxiety in, because your journal is going to be your best friend. Journaling is a healthy habit you need to add to your life to become your best self. This is a healthy outlet for you to rant about all the things that worry you or stress you out.

You can also write about anything, from how your day went to a list of movies or books you want to read or watch before the year ends. Journaling has so many benefits, especially for your mental health. It’s also a fun way for you to look back and read about your memories and how much you’ve grown.

Journaling is a healthy habit to help you become your best self.

2024 is your year to thrive and become the best version of yourself. By adding these habits to your routine, you’ll be able to enter the new year motivated to start your new journey. Now, it’s time to make some changes, and we wish you all the best in the new year!

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