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How To Become a Pilates Princess In 3 Easy Steps

How To Become a Pilates Princess In 3 Easy Steps

Pilates Princess

It’s time to embrace your inner royalty and become a Pilates princess! TikTok’s newest fitness trend involves Pilates as the primary workout style, which has become an aesthetic. Not only has it helped many people achieve their fitness goals, but it has become a lifestyle of consistently working out, eating well, and having mental clarity!

So, if you’re tired of doing extensive cardio, heavy weight training, or just looking for something new to try, Pilates is the perfect way to get your body moving and feeling your absolute best!

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates made for everyone.

Before we get into the steps of becoming a Pilates princess, let’s explore the amazing benefits Pilates offers. The health benefits include improving flexibility and posture, relaxing your shoulders and upper back, enhancing muscular control of your back and limbs, and more.

Pilates caters to everyone, and the exercises can be modified for every body type! This type of exercise is less strenuous on the body and low-impact. It’s not as hard on your body as an intensive HIIT cardio workout.

The main benefit of Pilates is that it promotes mindfulness and body awareness. You’re able to learn how to be in tune with your body and appreciate yourself for showing up to exercise. Pilates also gives you a sense of clarity and helps with your mental health!

Step One: Cute Workout Clothes!

The first step to becoming a Pilates princess is to get some cute workout clothes! Wearing cute workout sets that you feel good in will motivate you to work out and make you feel accomplished afterward!

A Pilates princess entails wearing sets such as the ones below from Amazon. They come in different colors, which allows you to have fun and feel bright!

Workout set for a Pilates Princess

Workout Sets For Women

High Waisted Seamless Leggings with Padded Sports Bra

One important item to wear to fit this aesthetic is a long-sleeve shrug! It probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to wear a sleeved sweater while working out, but they will have you looking so chic! Plus, the ones below from Amazon are super lightweight and will not have you feeling extra hot from having them on.

Pilates Princess shrugs.

Women’s Long Sleeve Bolero Shrugs

Soft, Loose-knitted Cardigan

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Step Two: Find Your Favorite Instructor/ Influencer 

Whether you’re going to an actual studio or gym or doing Pilates at home, finding your favorite fitness influencer or instructor is important! This influencer or instructor will be the person who will help you stay motivated and make you want to push yourself.

One of the many fitness influencers we recommend is Bailey Brown. She’s great at making quick and effective workout routines that will make you feel the burn! She also advocates a lot for cycle syncing and knowing what types of routines and exercises to do while in a menstrual cycle.

Step Three: Friendly Reminders That You’re That Girl

Pilates Princess make friendly reminders to themselves that they're that girl.

The last and most important step to becoming a Pilates princess is reminding yourself that you’re that girl! You’re taking the time to focus on your health and body makes you that girl! Even when you’re working out and focusing on your breathing, remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself.

These friendly reminders will have you feeling powerful which will motivate you to keep on pushing and stretching higher! You will start to see yourself become even more confident and feel like you can take on any battle!

Becoming a Pilates princess only takes three easy steps! Pilates has so many physical and mental benefits that you will start to notice the best version of yourself yet! So, it’s time to show off your inner princess! Get on a mat and start moving!

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