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How To Achieve That Corporate Drip: Amazon Edition

How To Achieve That Corporate Drip: Amazon Edition

Corporate drip

Being a 9-5 corporate girl is definitely not for the weak, especially now that some jobs require hybrid settings or working fully on-site. We’ve gotten so used to living and working with our comfy clothes that, of course, we’ll be like, “What does dressing professionally even mean?”

Thankfully, we have shows like Scandal, Suits, Ugly Bettyetc. to give us some sense of inspiration for professional clothing. Such shows even started a discourse on X (formerly known as Twitter) on finding which character had the best corporate benefits. With that said, whether you’re trying to figure out what to wear for your new corporate job or maybe you just need some more inspiration to spice up your work outfits, here is a list of some iconic corporate looks from these popular TV shows, all from Amazon. 

The Jessica Pearson (from Suits) Look

  • Allegra K Sleeveless Sheath Dress
  • Missnine Laptop Bag 2

Want to become like Jessica Pearson? This look of hers with the boat-neck dress paired with kitten heels and the Birkin-esque bag is such an iconic outfit to have in a corporate work setting. Being a corporate girl does not mean you have to sacrifice, so this dress similar to Jessica’s is perfect for both in and out of the workplace.

It’s a professional yet casual dress that is not too constricting, allowing you to move around and comfortably complete your daily tasks. A plus is that you can also wear it to other special occasions, and it can be styled both casually and professionally. It also comes in other colors, allowing you to experiment with colors if your workplace isn’t too strict.

Of course, we can’t forget about the bag and the shoes. No need to spend hundreds or maybe even millions for a Birkin bag when you have this Missine laptop bag that is both practical and so chic. It’s a spacious bag that will hold all your essentials for work, but it also looks sophisticated and like you’re that girl. The Jenny Ardor Kitten Heels are similar to the ones in the picture and are great for work events. It comes in other neutral colors, making it easy to pair with any outfit, and it comes in a hot pink to make a statement.

The Olivia Pope (from Scandal) Look

  • CHICWISH Women's Classy Coat Cardigan
  • CHARTOU Women's Cape Jacket

Maybe you’re not so much of a Suits fan, and you’re more in need of a good coat to match your everyday outfits for your 9-5. We had to bring up the one and only Olivia Pope from Scandal, as she’s the queen of a good coat and matching bag.

This open-front, beige coat is similar to Olivia’s and is a need for everyone’s closet. It’s chic and timeless, which is perfect because it will never go out of style. It’s also versatile, which allows you to wear it with any corporate outfit.

If you want to take your corporate drip to the next level, that short-sleeve wool coat Olivia has is the coat to look for. It’s unique and gives off this feeling of importance and confidence, which you need to start your day. This Cape Coat from Amazon is perfect to elevate your work outfits and make you stay warm while also being stylish. It’s another coat you can just throw on with any outfit and still look sophisticated.

The Tegan Price (from How To Get Away With Murder) Look

  • MANGOPOP Womens Square Neck Top
  • SweatyRocks Women's Elegant Graphic Blouse

Another iconic character that everyone loves is Tegan Price. Tegan’s looks are always on point, classy, and with touches of her fierce personality coming through. She’s the character you want to look up to when it comes to achieving that corporate drip. The main thing about her looks is that she always has tops that are flattering and fun while remaining professional.

In one of Tegan’s looks, she has a high square-neck top, a great starter for building outfits. To elevate your corporate outfits, you need the basics, and these long-sleeve square-neck tops from Amazon are perfect. This neck style is flattering for many people; it’s easy to move in and can be worn with any pants or skirt. You can throw a blazer on top, and there you will have an outfit ready to achieve anything.

Another staple piece that Tegan wears is a classic keyhole top with some sort of bow or tie-front. These tops are staples for corporate outfits, and these from Amazon will do the job. It has a black and white print, which is essential for elevating your outfits for work. Having a print makes it easier to level up your corporate drip and shows some of your fun personality.

The Wilhelmina Slater (from Ugly Betty) Look

  • VFSHOW Women's Pencil Dress
  • Miusol Women's Retro Dress
  • ALAIX Women's Leather Skinny Belt

The fabulous Wilhemina Slater is not to be forgotten. This is a character that many have said has the best outfits when it comes to fashion trends and staying professional. She’s the character that mixes both so well and will take your outfits to a whole other level.

In the picture above, she’s wearing a square-neck dress with a silver belt at the waist. Dresses are easy outfits for your 9–5, and this elegant, ruched dress will work just as well as the one Wilhemina has. The ruching will make the dress look flattering for all body types, and the gold detailing at the side adds a nice touch of elegance.

Another similar dress is the Miusol pencil dress. It’s a classic dress that will not do you wrong. To elevate this look and make it similar to Wilhelmina’s, you can add belts to add some personal touches. You can add a chunky belt or these skinny belts to add some fun to your outfit.

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The Jax Stewart (from Reasonable Doubt) Look

  • Women's Long Sleeve Blazer
  • Women's Double Breasted Tweed Blazer

If you’re an attorney or work for a law firm, Jax Stewart is an inspiration for you. As you can see, it’s all about making a statement. For some, having a routine can get a little tiring or mundane, but having Jax Stewart as your fashion inspiration will make you excited to pick out outfits for the day.

The secret to her look is finding a third piece to make it stand out, in this case, the white blazer. Blazers are essential for your wardrobe, but to spice things up, you can start looking for blazers that have different fabrics, prints, or design details.

For that corporate drip, you can’t go wrong with a classic houndstooth print. The one from Amazon is the perfect one to get you started. It can be paired with an all-black outfit, complimenting the blazer well and having it as the main focus.

Maybe you’re ready for a blazer that has color, print, and detailing. These double-breasted tweed blazers with gold buttons are the perfect option for you. Tweed is another classic print, but adding color makes it even more unique. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to explore and become creative with your corporate outfits.

Whether you’re entering the corporate lifestyle and feeling like you don’t know what to wear, or you’re already in it but feeling uninspired, these Amazon pieces will help you unleash your creativity when it comes to finding what to wear. Even though TV shows with office settings may seem unrealistic, looking at what characters wear can be a source of inspiration.

These main characters can dress in a way that’s still true to their style and maintain a professional look, which is what corporate drip is all about. 

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