Fans have always loved to dress up for concerts, but recently they have been taking their outfits to the next level. They are now the new fashion trendsetters and have taken regular concert fashion to concert couture!

    Let’s take a look at 2022 and 2023’s biggest tours and how fans have been elevating their outfits and making these concerts their runway debut!

    Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

    Speaking of concert couture, Beyoncé’s tour has become the place where fans are dressing in head-to-toe custom outfits and rhinestone galore! They’ve been recreating some of her iconic tour outfits, such as the Loewe glittery bodysuit with the hand silhouettes placed around her body.


    Unfortunately I got a seated ticket so @Beyoncé will probably not see this outift 😭 @Parkwood Entertainment #london #diy #beyonce #renaissance #beyonceoutfits #outfit #renaissancetour #uk #beyhive

    ♬ AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Beyoncé

    As you can see above, this fan took the time to DIY the bodysuit and make it their own! It’s also a must to go all out for Queen Bee! 

    If you think it stops there, it doesn’t! Fans are also taking inspo from Beyoncé’s cover album and creating this space galactic fantasy meets this western vibe, and it’s so creative to see what fans are coming up with. 

    This has become a real renaissance era where it’s filled with rhinestone cowboy hats, silver tops, cowboy boots, custom made denim jackets with Beyoncé on it, and of course, their fans for “Heated.” 

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    Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

    The “Miss Americana” singer has inspired so many of her fans to dress up as the different “eras” she’s had, and go all out in sequined dresses and jewels! This tour has become a fantasy meets western glam world where everyone (even dad’s) have to be ready to strut their outfits! 

    This TikTok shows how fans are dressing up from all eras such as Lover, Reputation, to even wearing gowns inspired from her 2021 Grammy’s Red Carpet look! It’s definitely a tour where you must have something sparkly! 

    Taylor’s tour has also inspired fans to create hand-made charm bracelets with acronyms of her songs. What’s special about these accessories is that fans trade them with each other and collect them. It’s also not just fans that make and trade bracelets, even other celebrity guests join on the fun!

    Below you can see how Channing Tatum and his daughter trading bracelets with fans making their concert experience even more special and memorable!


    Imagine trading bracelets with Channing Tatum and his daughter 😭🥹❤️ #fyp #taylorswift #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #channingtatum #showbiz #entertainment

    ♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

    It’s safe to say that this shows how dedicated they are to creating something special to share with other fellow fans. The idea of making charm bracelets is something you definitely don’t see at every concert, it’s a unique project specially made for the Swifties.

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    Harry Styles’ Love On Tour

    This two year-long tour has become one of the biggest fashion shows: concert edition. It’s the tour that reemerged concert fashion and inspired fans to show up in their best outfits to dance and sing the night away! 

    Harry’s fans from all over the world have been attending his concerts in feather boa’s galore, to colorful suits, to recreating his iconic outfits, to even dressing up as fruit! 

    It’s obviously not a Harry Styles show if there’s no feather boa involved! This tour has filled the arena with groovy patterns, to the J.W Anderson cardigan fans have been making, hearts, sequins, and so much more! 

    Fans also recreate his iconic looks! This TikTok below shows a fan making his Coachella weekend two outfit from scratch! The dedication is obviously real, and you will not see a fan of his not go all out!


    recreated the harrychella weekend 2 costume for myself!! stay tuned for the try on🍓🍒 pls tag @Harry Lambert !!<3 (@Gucci you can hire me☺️)#harrystyles #hslotoutfit #harrychella #loveontouroutfit #sewingtiktok #fashion

    ♬ Adore You – Harry Styles

    Bad Bunny’s The World’s Hottest Tour

    Even though Bad Bunny‘s 2022 North America and Latin America tour was only four months long, it was THE tour where fans dressed up in their best summer fits and crochet everything! This beach-inspired album made fans dress up as if they were going to the beach no matter what month it was!


    In Orlando @badbunny started the tour!!! Fans killed with the outfits and the energy! 💕✨💁🏻‍♀️ #badbunnyconcert #findyourgrace #hispanic #fyp #parati #trending

    ♬ Me Fui de Vacaciones – Bad Bunny

    The TikTok is filled with people in all vibrant colors, bikini tops as regular tops, it’s literally the place where you can wear swimsuit attire and no one will think twice about it! 

    It’s also not just the female fans that are going all out, men too are going out and showing out!

    They’re here to show out in their crochet tops, and embracing the summer vibes by wearing fun tropical prints and we love to see it!

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    From Queen Bee to Taylor, Harry, and Bad Bunny, fans really have become the new trendsetters for how concert fashion will evolve. The future of concert fashion is this- going all out to see your fav artist! 

    These fans have shown that it’s all about expressing yourself in a fun way and showing up as if it’s a runway show (because it actually is!). Seeing your fan in concert is an experience you have to make the most out of, and these fans do, which will inspire other fans from other artists to do the same!

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