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Workout Like An Olympian In 5 Mins

Workout Like An Olympian In 5 Mins

In my last post I talked about “Working It Like An Olympian” but now I want to Workout Like An Olympian. After seeing all the toned bodies during the Olympics, I was eager to find a way to workout effectively. Trying to fit in an extensive workout with a busy schedule can be tedious. So, I asked my friend/Fitness expert Barb Fellars to show me how I can “Workout Like An Olympian In 5 Mins“. First, Barb suggested kettlebells will give me maximum results in a short amount of time.

According to Barb, kettlebells are: effective for weight loss and weight management, it builds strength (physical and mental) and improves flexibility

Then, we headed over to i.d gym so she can show me the proper way to do these workouts in the comfort of my home. Before starting, Barb gave me some important tips:

For proper form during the kettlebell swing

1. remember to keep your back neutral

2. keep your shoulders packed/engaged

3. follow the gravitational pull of the kettlebell

4. during the swing, ensure the kettlebell passes above the knee 

5. avoid swinging the kettlebell with your arms – let your core do the work

6. kettlebell swings are best done in bare feet or very flat shoes with no cushioning

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After I was comfortable we began the workout. Press play on the video to see me workout like an olympian! I enjoyed this workout and I’m going to continue to work with Barb to get my body fit. You can get fit with Barb too at:

I.D. Gym (2727 N Lincoln Ave Chicago IL )
Wednesday- 6:15pm
Friday- (Spin & Sculpt) 6:15am

Have you ever worked out with kettlebells? Tell me what you thought of it.


Activewear provided by / Footwear provided by Merrell

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