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Summer Sizzle with Safety and Wellness Tech from NBC 5 Chicago

Summer Sizzle with Safety and Wellness Tech from NBC 5 Chicago

Summer’s just around the corner, and with it comes the promise of sunny days, barbecues, and adventures outdoors. But as we embrace the warm weather and longer days, it’s crucial to prioritize both safety and well-being. I visited NBC 5 Chicago to highlight innovative tech solutions aimed at sizzling up your summer with safety and wellness tech, all while empowering your summer fun!

Keep Yourself Safe With Sabre Smart Bluetooth Pepper Spray with Live GPS Tracking & Inert Practice Spray

Feeling unsafe while walking or jogging alone?

Whether you’re a parent of a college student or someone who often finds themselves commuting at night, safety is a top priority. The Sabre Smart Pepper Spray offers not just self-defense but a comprehensive safety network right in your pocket.

The Sabre Smart Pepper Spray- Safety and Wellness Tech

Sabre is redefining personal safety with their Smart Pepper Spray. For close to half a century, Sabre is the top choice of pepper spray by law enforcement and consumers alike, Sabre is synonymous with safety. They’ve been on the front lines, partnering with the police to learn what real protection looks like. Their mission? To empower you, to arm you not just with defense tools but with knowledge, to transform your personal safety.

Gone are the days of feeling alone in an emergency. This pepper spray seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, offering an extra layer of protection. Here’s how it works:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connects to the SABRE Personal Safety App, sending a text message with your GPS location to designated contacts if deployed.
  • Live GPS Tracking: Provides real-time location updates, ensuring loved ones can follow your movements until you’re safe.
  • Inert Practice Spray: Allows you to familiarize yourself with the device without the risk of accidental discharge.

ScopeAround Embraces Wellness & Brings Medical-Grade Technology Into Your Home

Discover the world anew with ScopeAround. Life becomes a journey of exploration with this technology-packed video camera. ScopeAround caters to the curious, the proactive, and the imaginative.

ScopeAround Digital Otoscope with Screen. Safety and wellness tech

ScopeAround presents a robust, lightweight video camera featuring three interchangeable camera heads: the Flexible, the Fit, and the Focus. Backed by top-notch video and imaging capabilities, ScopeAround unveils perspectives that were previously beyond reach.

The team’s mission is to democratize medical-grade technology for consumers. Embrace the future of personal health with this revolutionary device. ScopeAround transforms into a powerful diagnostic tool that can:

  • Examine Skin Conditions: Identify potential skin concerns like moles or lesions with high-resolution magnification.
  • Monitor Ear Health: Check for earwax buildup or potential infections using the otoscope attachment.
  • Connect with Professionals: Share images and videos directly with dermatologists or other healthcare providers for remote consultations.

Why Choose These Tech Products?

Both Sabre’s Smart Pepper Spray and ScopeAround prioritize safety, health, and peace of mind. They leverage cutting-edge technology to empower individuals, transforming your smartphone into a guardian angel or a window into your own well-being.

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So, this summer, embrace the feeling of security and take control of your safety and health with these innovative tech companions by your side.

Stay tuned for more of our summer tech recommendations from NBC 5 Chicago!

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