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Social Media Detox: Why Logging Off Of Social Media & Logging On To Real Life Is Vital

Social Media Detox: Why Logging Off Of Social Media & Logging On To Real Life Is Vital

In a world and industry dominated by social media, there are times when I take a much needed break from it all. Although I’ve explained the benefits of being tech savvy, there are major downfalls about it too. Since I’m fully aware of the downfalls, I’m sharing why logging off of social media and logging on to real life is vital.

Self-Esteem: For me I’ve found that being on social media can lower my self-esteem, if I allow it. It seems that Instagram constantly promotes Instagram models and beauty gurus. These influences tend to project an unrealistic standard of beauty. Instead of beating yourself up, log off and feel good knowing they didn’t wake up like that. You’d be surprised how many have gotten a nip/tuck or use filters to give the illusion of “natural beauty”.

Social Interaction: The advancement of technology has been astounding. But with the increased advancement the more I’m noticing people becoming anti-social. As a society, our interpersonal skills is lacking. We spend so much time on social media that when it’s time to become personal (in real life) it’s foreign. To avoid forming that bad habit; I’ll  go out, hang with friends or talk on the phone. It’s good to mix it up a bit!

Focus: Remaining focused is my primary reason for detoxing from social media. A lot of times I get caught up in seeing everyone else’s career advancement that I forget about the strides I’ve made in mine. Comparing tends to conjure up negative thoughts or feelings about my career and that can be detrimental to my progress. My solution: Stay away from social media the whole weekend. I’m most productive when I spend less time on what others are doing and more time focused on myself.

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If you’ve thought about doing a social media detox, don’t hesitate. During your moment of solace, you’ll be surprised how refreshing you feel. I’ve been able to catch up on reading, really focus on me and explore what makes me happy. My happiness is more important than anything.


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