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Our Favorite Fashion Trends from Coachella Weekend 1

Our Favorite Fashion Trends from Coachella Weekend 1

Coachella Fashion trends

This past weekend marked the beginning of Coachella 2024, the 23rd iteration of the U.S.’s biggest music festival. As much as the festival is known for its iconic performances and star-studded crowds, it’s also known as a hub for some of the most interesting looks in festival fashion. In honor of Coachella’s first weekend, we’re rounding up our favorite trends from the festival so far, highlighting the most popular style choices both on and off the stage.

Western Wear

Is this the Cowboy Carter effect? Whether inspired by Beyoncé’s newest album or by the Western fashion trend that’s gained traction over the last year, this year’s Coachella looks were full of stylish twists on classic cowboy hats and boots. Some opted to mix their Western wear with leather pieces for an edgier look, while others leaned into more feminine styles, channeling “Coastal Cowboy” vibes.

Chunky Boots

As much as Coachella fashion is about looking good, it’s also about feeling good – when you’re dancing around the desert for 72 hours, comfort has to be a consideration when finding the right outfit. So it makes sense that this year, many festival-goers opted for a chunky boot, comfortable enough to romp around in but stylish enough to top off a cool look.

Leather Everything

This year’s festival-goers and performers didn’t shy away from edgy looks, with many incorporating leather elements into their outfits. While some opted to keep the leather light, accessorizing with leather gloves or shoes, others went full-force, allowing leather pieces to be the focal point of their outfits.

Flowy Skirts

If you think of Coachella fashion in the early 2010s, an image of Vanessa Hudgens roaming around the festival in a flower crown and flowy skirt probably comes to mind. Though flower crowns haven’t yet made a comeback, the boho themes of OG Coachella style were definitely present in this year’s fashion. Often paired with beaded tops, chunky belts, and tall boots, this year saw many attendees donning boho-inspired outfits centered around flowy skirts, both mini and maxi. 

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So. Much. Denim.

Denim skirts. Denim tops. Denim on denim. No matter how they were styled, this year’s Coachella ’fits were dominated by denim pieces. Much like the leather trend, some opted for a single statement piece, while others combined multiple denim elements, putting their own fun, sexy twists on the classic Canadian Tuxedo look. 

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