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Acapulco Dives Back In for Season 3: Get Ready for Sun, Fun, and Second Chances

Acapulco Dives Back In for Season 3: Get Ready for Sun, Fun, and Second Chances

Get ready for another dose of sunshine and second chances! The beloved bilingual comedy Acapulco returns for a third season, premiering on Apple TV+ on May 1st, 2024. This show follows the parallel journeys of Maximo Gallardo: a young man navigating the glamorous world of a 1985 Acapulco resort, and his older self reminiscing with his nephew.

Acapulco Season 2 Rewind: Balancing Work and Friends

Apple TV+ Acapulco: Eugenio Derbez

Season 2 saw a rising Maximo (played by the delightful Enrique Arrizon) climb the ranks at the luxurious Las Colinas resort. He juggled newfound duties with his loyalty to his best friends, the charismatic Memo (Fernando Carsa) and the witty Beatriz (Vanessa Bauche). Maximo’s blossoming romance with the beautiful socialite Diana (Jessica Collins) added a layer of complexity, forcing him to confront class differences.

Season 3 Preview: Facing the Past, Seizing the Future

The Season 3 trailer hints at a time of change and reconciliation. An older Maximo (played by the iconic Eugenio Derbez) returns to a Las Colinas that feels unfamiliar. Meanwhile, younger Maximo’s ambition might strain his friendships. New challenges will test their bond, but will they come out stronger?

Cast Chemistry: Living the Resort Life

In our interview, Enrique Arrizon revealed a secret behind Acapulco’s magic: the cast’s real-life connection. “I call it the summer camp,” he revealed. “It really works being together, we really bond and we got to know each other.”

The undeniable magic of “Acapulco” extends far beyond the sunny Acapulco setting. The show’s perfect Rotten Tomatoes score and critical acclaim are a clear reflection of the palpable energy between the cast.

The show’s executive producers, Austin Winsberg and Sam Laybourne, expressed their elation at Acapulco having a global appeal. They credit this success in part to the universal themes and ideas.

It just shows no matter the story that you are telling, if you’re talking about universal theme’s and ideas it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what culture you’re from they’re universal.

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Austin Winsberg and Sam Laybourne

Season 3: What’s in Store?

Expect a perfect blend of humor and heart in Season 3. We’ll see Maximo grapple with consequences, navigate the changing Las Colinas, and perhaps rekindle a lost love. New guest stars like Jaime Camil (“Schmigadoon!”) and Cristo Fernandez (“Ted Lasso”) add another layer of intrigue.

Acapulco Season 3 promises to be a delightful escape, offering sunshine, laughter, and a heartwarming exploration of friendship, ambition, and second chances.

Pack your metaphorical swimsuit, grab a margarita, and get ready to dive back into the vibrant world of Las Colinas!

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