The ’90s were such a special time for TV sitcoms. There were so many good ones to choose from. If you were anything like me you had a line-up of TV shows to watch for the whole week… and Living Single was definitely on my list. There was something about seeing four successful black women living together in NY while trying to navigate adulthood and romantic relationships.

    Now that I think about it, a lot of the TV shows I’m drawn to have that similar theme. However, Living Single remains very special. That’s why for #ThrowbackThursday I had to interview TC Carson.

    Actor and singer, TC Carson of Living SingleGreenleafBlack Lightning, and TV One’s newest movie Coins for Love (starring Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop, and Karon Joseph Riley and premiered on TV One) has created a message song of love with hopes of bringing people together after the recent civil unrest.

    The song, “Come Together”, is an original song written, in part, by Mr. Carson and was originally released on his album Truth in 2002, but there was never a visual attached. Now, this single and video is re-released on all digital platforms as a new release for his initiative to bring people “together”. 

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