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Gen Z’s New Fashion Obsession: Sandy Liang and ‘Ballet Core’

Gen Z’s New Fashion Obsession: Sandy Liang and ‘Ballet Core’

Sandy Liang

It’s official, Gen Z‘s new favorite fashion designer right now is Sandy Liang, aka the queen of ‘ballet core.’ The new fashion trend of ‘ballet core’ is full of bows, and ballet flats are the new must-have item, which is all thanks to Sandy Liang!

Sandy Liang is a New York-based fashion designer who founded her brand in 2014. Liang’s designs are heavily inspired by the grandmothers in Chinatown. Her designs also show a lot of nostalgia, girlhood, and femininity, which is what made Gen Z so attracted to her brand.

Let’s take a look at some of Liang’s iconic designs and collabs she’s done that has made so many people fall in love with her brand and inspired them to dress in this ‘ballet core!’

Sandy Liang x BAGGU

Liang’s most recent collab with BAGGU is what really made Gen Z obsessed! BAGGU is a brand that creates all kinds of bags, the most popular being the crescent bag. BAGGU is notorious for having the cutest bags for everyday wear, as well as bags for traveling and work. 

So, when they announced they were having a collab with Liang, high fashion Twitter literally went in shock! The collab consisted of crescent bags, pouches, totes for travel, and even picnic bags!

It was that red and blue gingham flower print that made Gen Z go crazy because of how fun and unique it is! We also can’t forget about the mini bow bags– anyone who knows and loves this new ‘ballet core’ trend had to get their hands on one immediately!

The designer’s popularity among Gen Z is evident from the speed at which their collection sold out. It took less than an hour for the entire collection to sell, and due to its high demand, BAGGU is now accepting pre-orders.

Gen Z really had to get their hands on this collection, and you can’t blame them!

Sandy Liang Inspiring ‘Ballet Core’

TikTok has shown us all kinds of fashion trends. Recently, there have been different fashion ‘cores’ one of them being this ‘ballet core.’ Ballet core is basically dressing in a way that’s inspired by what ballet dancers wear: sweater shrugs, ballet slippers, leg warmers, bows/ribbon, etc. It’s a very soft and feminine way of dressing. It’s a lot of pink and neutral colors.

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Liang’s brand has definitely shaped this ‘ballet core’ because of how feminine and soft her designs are. She also had everyone fighting for their lives for those iconic ballet flats.

Her designs definitely give off this ballerina chic vibe and have many bows within the clothing which is a big part of ‘ballet core.’ Ballet core is definitely bows-galore and as you can see below, she uses them to create this very soft, girly feel to the garments. 

Even though Liang’s brand is on the pricier side, the brand aesthetic is what inspired this ‘ballet core.’ Gen Z is attracted to Liang’s aesthetic and now they all seem to want a pair of ballet flats and use bows in their hair!

It’s Liang’s unique designs and collabs she’s done that have set her apart from other fashion designers. She may even inspire you to start wearing bows and look into the ‘ballet core!’

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