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From Sidelines to Sip Lines: Kavita Channe’s Rosé Revolution

From Sidelines to Sip Lines: Kavita Channe’s Rosé Revolution

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It’s not every day you encounter a TV personality who transitions seamlessly from tackling NFL giants to conquering the wine world. But Kavita Channe, with her boundless energy and infectious passion, is anything but ordinary. This multi-hyphenate powerhouse has traded in her microphone for a wine glass, crafting an award-winning rosé that’s captivating palates and turning the industry on its head.

Channe’s journey began far from sun-drenched vineyards. A vibrant blend of London roots and Indian heritage, she arrived in the US at a young age, her charisma drawn to the spotlight like a moth to a flame. Honing her skills at the University of Florida, she launched The Procurer, a celebrity concierge firm that paved the way for red carpet interviews and hosting gigs. Soon, major networks took notice, catapulting her onto the sports scene as a sideline reporter for the Florida Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

But Channe’s ambitions had a deeper vintage. Provence, France, had seduced her, its enchanting landscapes and legendary rosés igniting a spark within. Dissatisfied with the lackluster rosés back home, she knew she could do better. In 2017, her dream took root: Sip Channé was born.

Kavita Channé- Sip Channé
Photo Credit: Julian Osorio

Fueled by her relentless spirit and meticulous palate, Kavita hand-crafted Channé Rosé, a symphony of Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre grapes grown in the hallowed Côtes de Provence. Unlike its pale imitators, this rosé bursts with vibrant notes of apricot and cherry, its elegance and depth whispering of sun-kissed fields and lazy afternoons. It’s no surprise Channé Rosé has garnered accolades, including a gold medal at the 2022 American Fine Wine Competition, solidifying its place amongst the elite.

we are uniting together to bring Sip Channé to so many around the globe to celebrate with and enjoy!

And Channé’s story doesn’t end there. She juggles her blossoming wine empire with her TV ventures, hosting “7 Most Fascinating People of South Florida” and captivating audiences with her vibrant energy and insightful interviews. But her passions extend beyond the limelight. A dedicated philanthropist, she lends her voice to numerous charities, serving as a board member and emcee for 211 Broward’s Non-Profit Awards Gala.

With over 230k+ Instagram followers hanging on her every move, Channe is a beacon for modern women, proving that ambition and grace can coexist. She juggles the demanding world of television and entrepreneurship while raising two children, inspiring admiration and proving that the “mompreneur” title should be worn with a crown.

This week, Kavita Channe’s multi-faceted brilliance takes center stage as she graces our N The Spotlight section. Dive deeper into her world, her passions, and the secrets behind Sip Channé’s success in our exclusive Q&A with this effervescent force of nature

JNL: Transitioning from media to winemaking with Sip Channe is quite a leap! What inspired this change, and how has your media background influenced your approach to crafting wine?

Kavita Channe: I was working back to back seasons covering multiple sports for various teams and networks including the NFL and I took a much-needed summer trip to France and Italy. The whole lifestyle in that part of the world captivated me. From walking around gorgeous villages in Gordes to strolling the romantic lavender fields in Provence to the most chic Vibes in St. Tropez finished off with Capri and the Amalfi Coast, I was sold. Who wouldn’t be?! Many of those beautiful moments were celebrated with a delicious glass of French rosé many times paired with an equally delicious meal.

What I loved so much about rosé that caught my attention was the juxtaposition that you are drinking a glass of chilled wine similar to white wines yet it’s actually red grapes. I like to say rosé is red wine in white wine clothing that you can drink alone or with food. I fell in love with this varietal and it was my new go-to. The only problem was that when I went back to the US I couldn’t find the same quality so I gave my crazy idea a whirl and traded in my mic for a quest to craft the best rosé I could. Even though I did not know much about the wine industry at the time, I knew what quality rosé tasted like and I knew we wanted something unique and on the healthier side. Luckily, I found the best winemaker for this quest, Thomas, who we’ve been working with since the beginning. Also, my background in media, especially at Fox Sports, ingrained in me a storytelling approach and the importance of connecting with an audience, skills that I’ve been able to transfer to the world of winemaking.

JNL: What makes Sip Channé standout from other wine brands?

KC: We work with a small, family-owned winery right outside of St. Tropez that uses sustainable farming practices to produce wines with unique and complex flavors. Our vines are 40-60+ years old which definitely add to the quality and flavor profile. Also, as I mentioned before, our wines are no sugar and low in sulfites. This commitment to quality sets us apart from other wine brands. And, of course, the magic of the team behind this magical juice—we are all from different parts of the world including India, the UK, Colombia, Uruguay, Africa, the Philippines, France, Italy and the USA—and we are uniting together to bring Sip Channé to so many around the globe to celebrate with and enjoy!

I like to say rosé is red wine in white wine clothing that you can drink alone or with food.

JNL: Does Sip Channé have any plans for a red wine?

KC: Funny you ask–YES! We do have plans to introduce a red. We are currently in the process of finding the perfect blend and are getting pretty close. Once we find the winning combination that meets our high standards and embodies the essence of Sip Channé, we will absolutely introduce it to our collection.

JNL: If each wine from Sip Channé had a celebrity personality, who would be the spokesperson for the white, and rosé varieties?

KC: Our Channé Rosé would be represented by the glamorous and sophisticated yet humble and down to earth duo, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves. They’re always on point, know how to have the best time, and are just plain cool capturing the essence of our elegant yet approachable, one-of-a-kind and easy to enjoy Channé Rosé.

Photo Credit: Julian Osorio

Martha Stewart is a true classic that withstands the test of time. Like Martha, our Channé Blanc is going to be the perfect guest and throw the most memorable events. Also like Miss Stewart, we don’t take ourselves too seriously so if we want to pose in a bikini on the cover of Sports Illustrated or write an album with Snoop, who are we to judge? Channé Blanc is perfect year round, perfect for every celebration and along for the best memories.

JNL: Describe the perfect pairing of one of your wines with a media-related activity or event. How does it enhance the experience?

KC: Channé Rosé is perfect for any sunny day whether at an NFL game, the Kentucky Derby, the US Open, Polo or any yachting event—this is the drink you want in your hand. It’s fresh, guilt-free and easy to drink all day without feeling bad the next thanks to being sugar-free and low in sulfites. Channé Rosé is the ideal drink to add a touch of sophistication to your day, enhancing the fun without the fuss.

JNL: Share a funny or unexpected moment from your media career that taught you a valuable lesson and relates to your venture into winemaking.

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Kavita Channé: I remember one time I was covering MLS and there was this fan who I interviewed during the tailgate. He was over-served and decided it would be funny to funnel beer into my face. My makeup and hair was a hot mess and I was mortified. However, I kept going with the broadcast after I politely put this person in his place. In this industry, you have to roll with the punches, be assertive and keep it moving while still making sure your team and your product shines. But there is always an element of chaos, especially when you have people that are overly excited or maybe going a bit overboard.

JNL: In the world of media and wine, which celebrity would you love to share a glass of Sip Channé with, and what would you talk about?

Kavita Channé - Sip Channé

KC: I would 100% love to sit down with someone who has not only met and interviewed some of the world’s most interesting people but who is also one of the most interesting themselves… the one and only Oprah Winfrey!! Sip Channé would be on ice… both Channé Blanc and Channé Rosé. We would talk many different topics while our chef prepared some fun snacks giving this and any social situation a less serious tone allowing us to unwind and just enjoy the moment! One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an amazing and unforgettable afternoon for the books with no sugar, low sulfites, and many laughs—which I’m sure O would appreciate!

JNL: Share a funny or memorable behind-the-scenes moment from your time in the media industry that still makes you laugh.

KC: I was emceeing a gala shortly after I gave birth to my daughter and I had to run backstage and pump milk in between my duties. That was pretty hysterical. I even have a photo from that day with my pump on with me in my gown and heels. Again, you have to keep it moving always!

JNL: What media trends do you foresee influencing the wine industry, and how is Sip Channe poised to embrace or innovate within these trends?

Kavita Channé: Currently, we’re seeing an exciting trend of diverse brands collaborating with each other, which was initially popularized by major retail partnerships like H&M’s collaboration with Balmain. Recent notable examples include Erewhon’s collaboration with Balenciaga, the Fendi and Versace “FENDACE” line, and even McDonald’s teaming up with celebrities like Cardi B and Cactus Jack. Looking ahead, I anticipate significant collaborations in the fine foods and spirits industry. Imagine Sip Channé creating a canned spritzer with Perrier, or an adult “lunchable” featuring a prepackaged charcuterie board from Erewhon paired with a mini bottle of our Channé Rosé. These collaborations are more than just products; they’re about crafting unique, nostalgic experiences and unforgettable moments. Call me Perrier, Lunchables and Erewhon!

JNL: What’s in store for Sip Channé in 2024?

Kavita Channé: In 2024, Sip Channé is set for continued growth, focusing on international expansion, launching new products, and opening in more U.S. states. Strategic projects and a commitment to quality and innovation underline our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences and products. Stay tuned for exciting events and follow us on Instagram for updates! Cheers to a fabulous year ahead!

So, let’s raise a glass to Kavita Channe, the woman who redefined rosé, conquered the airwaves, and continues to inspire as she pours her heart (and soul) into every sip of Sip Channé. Let her story inspire you to uncork your own passions and savor the richness of life, one sip at a time.

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