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OMG!! I Baked Over 200 Christmas Cookies In 3 Days!!!

OMG!! I Baked Over 200 Christmas Cookies In 3 Days!!!

This holiday season I have been creating my own traditions. I think I can now add baking OVER 200 Christmas Cookies to that “new traditions” list. Instead of flocking to the store to purchase overpriced presents, I wanted to do something that had a deeper meaning. The way I show my love is through cooking so I decided to create a holiday cookie box for friends and family. Let’s just say, I started this whole project very ambitiously but what I gained was a newfound appreciation for bakers. The details and patience that goes into making your own sweet treats can be very tiring. I’m more of a cook than a baker, there is a difference, so there were many times that things did not turn out right and I wanted to give up. Nevertheless, I persevered and ended up creating holiday cheer for loved ones which was the most gratifying feeling for me this year. For that, I would continue making this a holiday tradition.

I would love to hear from ya’ll, what brought you holiday cheer this year??


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