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European Mixology: 5 Summer Cocktail Trends for Americans

European Mixology: 5 Summer Cocktail Trends for Americans

When it comes to the drinks enjoyed by Americans, a lot of inspiration is taken from Europe, which has a rich history of crafting beverages that prove to be simply delicious. We’ve assembled five of the latest trending drinks that have taken America by storm – they may not be breaking news in the UK, but for those in the US discovering them for the first time, they could just be the drinks of the summer. 

Aperol Spritz: The Most Popular Summer Cocktail

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It’s light, refreshing, and easily drinkable; this Italian cocktail has become something of a sensation, and while its main ingredient, Aperol, has been around for some time, its popular mixture with prosecco and soda water is relatively new. 

Aperol is an Italian bitter apéritif, infused with bitter and sweet oranges and rhubarb, alongside lots of other herbs and roots. It’s a botanical liqueur that’s been made in Italy for hundreds of years, and has clearly stood the test of time enough to be included in such a modern cocktail. Mixed with prosecco and soda water, it’s transformed into a light, refreshing version of itself, perfectly drinkable when the sun makes an appearance. 

The success of Aperol Spritz in the States is thought to be largely down to its low alcohol content – as Americans vow to drink less, this fruity summer drink is the perfect compromise when the craving for something alcoholic in the sun arises. 

Gin and Tonic 

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Again, gin and tonic isn’t exactly a new kid on the block, but the craft gin revolution is. With many small distilleries making a name for themselves in the UK with refreshing gin blends that are capable of making some cracking summer cocktails, it’s no surprise that the USA has followed suit with a taste for craft gin. 

Many Americans favor gin neat over ice, or with tonic, perhaps with a slice or a sprig of something fresh and tasty, but it can also be enjoyed, as we mentioned, as part of a cocktail. Popular US gin-based cocktails include:

  • Classic G&T 
  • Negroni
  • Cranberry gin fizz 
  • The French 75
  • Martini

Sparkling Rosé Wine

You may or may not be aware, but Greek history is intertwined with wine making more than you may realize. In fact, these roots stretch as far back as ancient Greece, and is still a climate in which grape vines thrive, and winemakers produce deliciously light wines. 

One of the jewels in the Greek winemaking crown is sparkling rosé wine, made with grape varieties such as the Xinomavro. The fruity, floral wines are perfect for entertaining with, or enjoying somewhere warm and sunny, which is why so many Americans have taken a fancy to this drink. 

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Portuguese Cherry Liqueur (Ginjinha) 

Made from sour cherries, Ginjinha is a Portuguese liqueur, which is infused with the likes of cloves and cinnamon for a rich and distinct flavor. It’s a typical drink in areas such as Lisbon and the Algarve, but has recently made its way to America, marking something of an international revival for what is a drink with a history deep rooted in Portugal. 

It’s popularity is no doubt in part due to the way it’s served; Ginjinha is served as a shot, and generally with a piece of fruit. However, it’s a drink to be sipped and savoured, not knocked back in one go. It’s the shot cup itself that makes it special, though – it can be made out of chocolate! The consumption of the liqueur first and the cherry soaked chocolate second is a truly indulgent combination – and it looks pretty great on Instagram, too. 


Absinthe is a notoriously strong drink, usually produced to be 45 – 74% abv. (90 – 148 proof). So much so that this Swiss drink was actually banned in the US from way back in 1912 until 2007. Since this ban was lifted, it’s become a popular option for fans of spirits that pack a punch. 

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If you want to enjoy absinthe without it blowing your socks off, it’s best savored in one of the many cocktails that you can put it in. Some of the most popular options are as follows: 

  • Absinthe Drip Cocktail
  • Absinthe Martini
  • Absinthe Mojito
  • Absinthe Spider Highball
  • Absinthe Sour
  • Absinthe Frappé
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