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Black Business Moves: BOSS Impact Fund

Black Business Moves: BOSS Impact Fund

The BOSS Network, also known as Bringing Out Successful Sisters, is an organization that empowers Black women in business. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Cameka Smith, it’s become one of the top entrepreneur websites for Black women. The community provides leadership skills and resources for Black women to succeed in the business sector.

Starting a business as a Black woman can be difficult, due to a lack of capital and resources. The industry’s systemic discrimination makes it even harder to succeed. However, the BOSS Network is working to make it easier for Black women to become founders. They provide access to capital, networking opportunities, and leadership development skills. To further support Black women, the network created the BOSS Impact Fund. It donates investment funds to Black women and their businesses. The goal is to prepare them to establish growth-oriented businesses in a male-dominated industry.

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Boss Impact Fund Is Helping Black Women In The Business Sector

The BOSS Network partnered with Sage for the second annual Invest in Progress Grant Award. Sage is dedicated to creating economic and digital equality in small businesses through funding and digitization. Over 18,000 Black women applied for the grant award, but only 25 were selected. Each recipient received $10,000 for: start-up costs, training courses from BOSS University, access to the online community, and complimentary Sage Cloud Accounting Software.

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Boss Impact Fund winner Jade J Parker.

One of this year’s winners is Jade J. Parker. She owns a hair care line, ROJ Organics. Parker was just one of the many successful recipients of this year’s grant.

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The BOSS Network is promoting Black success in the business sector. It’s truly rewarding to see the number of applicants increases each year. This will pave the way for future generations to come. The organization encourages Black women to become their own bosses! That’s something worth celebrating. Black founders are here to stay, which changes the business industry for the better.

We love to see Black women winning and supporting each other. We’re excited to see this year’s BOSS Impact Fund recipients achieve even greater success!

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