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3 Businesses You Can Support During Black History Month

3 Businesses You Can Support During Black History Month

February is here and we are celebrating our fellow Black community and predecessors for another year! For those who didn’t know Black History Month started off as Negro History Week by historian Carter G Woodson to bring awareness to Black History, which he hoped would eventually lead to reform. It first launched in February 1926 and now is a worldwide celebration in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom. An overwhelming amount of powerful Black pioneers and inventors have graced this earth such as the wonderful Madam C.J Walker, Lewis Latimer, and George Washington Carver.

It is imperative that we that we continue to support Black people that are pioneers and inventors. That is why I wanted to highlight some black-owned businesses you can support during Black History month.


Monique Little is the owner and founder of YGN. There’s no getting around it. We all care about our hair. How it looks. How it feels. How it expresses our personality and style. But life gets busy, right? And sometimes hair isn’t at the top of our to-do list.That’s why she created YGN wraps, headbands and turbans. They’re functional when we need something quick and comfortable.

Functional and beautiful was Monique’s goal when she started in 2016. Back then it was just her and a sewing machine in her mom’s living room. Since then she’s grown into a thriving business with an 8,000 square foot production facility in East Dallas. Turns out she’s not the only one who wanted an easy way to look put together!


Grayscale is a luxury boutique fashion house specializing in evening wear, suiting, and outerwear. Blended with the ability to consult on the overall image & appeal to the well-dressed, Grayscale carves out a distinctive niche at the intersection of what you feel and what others perceive. Founded by Brandon “BJ” Gray in 2014 as a styling service, Grayscale has evolved to offer a refreshing lens of what designing and styling look like in one convenient location. Trained in Paris, France for design, and Los Angeles for styling, Grayscale felt it was only right to put down roots and manufacture out of LA where the Founder and CEO, BJ Gray Hails from.

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Having Hollywood as a residence has been very beneficial for the brand; Grayscale has been spotted on a plethora of celebrities, professional athletes, and media outlets best dressed lists! Celebs who have worn Grayscale include: Anthony Anderson, Chicago native Dwayne Wade and Neo. With the Spring 2019 launch of the women’s division, Grayscale will continue its trajectory to emerge as a premier luxury fashion house. Welcome to the next generation of Haberdashery, welcome to Grayscale.


Teharah J. Smith is an actress, Producer, Mental Health Advocate, Certified Mental Health First Aider, MUA and owner/creator of Power by Teharah J. Power by Teharah J is a lipstick brand helping women access their Power, one shade at a time! At Power by Teharah J., they offer high quality lipsticks that they like to call POWER shades! It’s more than lipstick, they are about mental wellness and empowerment. Teharah combined her love for lipstick and color psychology to help women tap into their best selves. Each power shade has meaning & is named after an affirmation. So while wearing it, you feel beautiful, affirmed and POWERful.

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