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Acapulco Star Karen Rodriguez Talks About the Sweet Life of Playing “Dulce”

Acapulco Star Karen Rodriguez Talks About the Sweet Life of Playing “Dulce”

Summer may just be getting started but it’s time say say “Adios” to our friends at Las Colinas as Season 3 of Acapulco comes to an end. This season saw lots of twists and turns for Maximo and the gang – but his biggest challenge came in the form of his best friend Memo’s sister, Dulce. Dulce, has joined the staff at the resort and she is an ambitious, enterprising young woman with eyes on the prize – the manager vacancy at Las Colinas. There is not one bit of love lost between the professional rivals, who are fighting to the end to get the coveted position. I had the chance to sit with Karen Rodriguez, who plays Dulce on the hit AppleTV+ show, to find out what it was like to join the cast as a newcomer, her favorite thing about Dulce and what she hopes the future holds for her character.

The ‘Beautiful Challenge’ of Joining an Tight Knit Cast of Acapulco

Joining an established cast may not always be easy for an actor, but Rodriguez says joining the gang was a beautiful challenge and spoke warmly on how the cast welcomed her with open arms. The cast stays together at a oceanside resort while filming, which she says only enriched her experience – so much so that Fernando Carsa, who plays brother Memo, started treating her like his sister in real life!

Karen Rodriguez, Jessica Collins and Damián Alcázar in "Acapulco," now streaming on Apple TV+.

On her fun and delicious character, Dolce

Dulce is Spanish for sweet, but when it comes to Maximo, she is anything but. Rodriguez finds the adversarial Dulce a dream role because she doesn’t always get to play antagonistic roles, but found Dulce to be fun, complex and delicious. And frustrating her acting partner, Enrique Arrizon is just part of a fun day at the office.

What’s Next for Dulce

Season 4 has not been officially renewed, but if the will of the fans is any indication, it will be! When the story picks back up, Rodriguez says she hopes that Dulce and Maximo find their way to a common ground and mutual, if not begrudging, respect for each other.

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Hit the video to see more of our talk with Karen Rodriguez.

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