Chicago-born-and-raised Barton Fitzpatrick is a multi-talented actor, producer, musician, and artist on the cusp of becoming a household name. He portrays Kareem in White People Money, which is one of Hulu’s most-streamed films, and he’s built an extensive resume guest-starring on Chicago-based productions, such as Chicago PD, Chicago Med, The Chi, and Empire. Now, he’s acting in a role written just for him.

    Power Book IV: Force, the fourth Power spinoff, follows the life of Tommy Egan, James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s partner-in-crime. In the series, Barton plays Blaxton, a lieutenant in a rival gang and best friend to Jenard Sampson (played by Barton’s real-life best friend Kris D. Lofton).

    Acting must run in the genes because Barton isn’t the only successful actor in his family. His older “play” cousin, Larenz Tate, has been acting for more than three decades, making a name for himself on films like Crash, Love Jones, and Rescue Me. Larenz also acts in the Power series.

    Barton’s talents don’t stop with film. He’s an accomplished musician who, inspired by Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder, sings the blues for a modern listener. Listen for his holiday hit in the film A Holiday Chance. He’s also an award-winning artist, who loves to sketch in his free time.

    I recently chatting with Barton on IG LIVe to talk– one Chicago native to another– about what it was like to grow up and pursue acting in the city. We talk about family, and how Larenz Tate’s acting career has influenced his own. And, of course, we talk about Power Book IV: Force and what it was like to play a role that was created specifically for him.

    Power Book IV: Force is out on Starz now. Be sure to tune in each Sunday to catch new episodes with Barton Fitzpatrick.

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