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Why is Taylor Swift Re-releasing all her albums?

Why is Taylor Swift Re-releasing all her albums?

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You’re turning on the radio, and hear “Blank Space” playing and it’s immediately taking you back to your 2014 era and it has you reminiscing. But now you think to yourself, “Is it just me, or does it sound different?” It’s no surprise that the radio station plays classic Taylor Swift hits, however, there have been more songs of hers playing. 

The “Blank Space” or “I Knew You Were Trouble” songs that you adore have been re-recorded and re-released. Albums such as Fearless, Red, Speak Now, and 1989, all have (Taylor’s Version) at the end to signify that they’ve all been re-recorded.

Back in 2005, Swift signed to Big Machine Records, the label where she created top hits such as “You Belong With Me,” which has millions of streams and billions of views. With Big Machine Records, she had six albums released and sold-out stadium tours. Then, in 2018, their contract expired and Swift decided to switch over to Universal Republic Records.

It wasn’t an easy transition for Swift as Big Machine Records was sold to music manager Scooter Braun. Braun has managed some of the biggest artists such as Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber. This sale gave Braun the rights to all the master recordings of Swift’s old music, which means that if anyone wanted to play any of her old songs, they would have to ask Braun for permission and pay him. 

After hearing this, Swift took to social media and wrote, “I learned about Scooter Braun’s purchase of my masters […] All I could think about was the incessant, manipulative bullying I’ve received at his hands for years.”

Swift’s re-recording and re-releasing of her past music is to take back ownership of her own art. By releasing her music with Republic Records, she will own the copyright and give licensees the option to work with Swift directly instead of Braun. 

Swift began releasing her re-recorded music in April 2021 and has been since then. On nights of music re-releases, fans have been getting nostalgic feelings and reflecting on the time when the original album was released. Now that they’re older, they get to enjoy the full experience of these nights and continue to show their support for Taylor by streaming the ‘Taylor’s Version’ of her albums

One of the things fans look forward to on these music release nights is that Taylor also includes songs ‘from the Vault’ that didn’t make it to the original album. In return, we’ve been able to hear hits such as “I Can See You,” and “Now That We Don’t Talk.” 

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With the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version,” fans are now speculating that Swift might announce “Reputation” as the next album to undergo re-release.

Situations like these could be setbacks for any artist. However, that’s not Taylor’s case. Since then, she’s been able to embark on her successful global tour, where she’s been able to play her music to thousands of fans. Time Magazine has even named Swift this year’s ‘Person of the Year’ due to her position as the ‘master storyteller of the modern era.’

To continue to show support for Swift owning her music, Swifties encourages the general public to download and stream only ‘Taylor’s Version’ of the songs. So, the next time you want to listen to “Style” or “Love Story,” make sure you give the stream to Taylor!

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