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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

A month ago we were showing love and appreciation to all the amazing mothers, but now it’s time to give love to the Fathers too. Around this time, it seems that Fathers get forgotten. Just like moms, every dad deserves something that is tailored to his personality, so that’s why this gift guide is curated to the Fashionable Dad, Tidy Dad, Fashionable Dad, or Well-Groomed Dad.


Over twenty years ago, brothers Dave and Mike while in college came up with the Legacy Shave brush idea. With help from their dad, they produced a working prototype. It was a primitive design but it actually worked. Legacy Shave is bringing back that old-school vintage shaving brush that your Grandfathers used to use back in the day BUT with a modern twist. Its brush lathering technology lifts and stimulates your hair follicles for a cleaner closer shave in an all-in-one convenient time-saving system.


BAOBAB Clothing was founded by long-time friends Marcellus Alexander III and Brandon Davenport. The two were frustrated and annoyed with high-priced clothes that didn’t last after a few wears and washes.
Their first shirt, the BAOBAB Polo shirt, is the first sustainable, performance luxury polo shirt that is resistant to shrinking, fading, odors, wrinkles. Thanks to their patent-pending “stay flat” no-curl collar the BAOBAB Polo has eliminated the problem of “bacon collar”.


iamyourwingman began as KRONIS trunks in 2014 selling over 10,000 pairs of underwear to men (and as gifts to guys from loved ones!). Since then the owner, Jack Epsimos, came to realize that today’s fast lifestyle often doesn’t allow people the time to shop for essentials like socks and underwear, so their top drawers quickly become filled with tired underwear full of holes. Because of our changing lifestyles, iamyourwingman has changed too – with a model built to better serve you, their customers, through a subscription service. The subscription service contains underwear, sports socks, and dress socks delivered every 3 months for only $19.97 per quarter. It’s commitment-free too! You can cancel at any time. Use the discount code WISN50 to claim 50% off your first order at and give your man the gift that keeps on giving … literally


Let’s help dads towards better wellness practices this Father’s Day. Everlywell has modernized lab testing by bringing access to credible, validated laboratory tests that are initiated and collected by you in the comfort and convenience of your own home. They aim to empower individuals to be proactive about their health, and their commitment to quality and accuracy is the same that you would expect from your doctor’s office. There are four test options for dad to choose from: Men’s health, Testosterone, Food Sensitivity, and Allergy tests and are the perfect gifts for dad.

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Let the robot do the cleaning for dad this Father’s Day! Dreame Bot L10 Pro by Dreametech is leading the robot mop/vacuum industry with its state-of-the-art dual laser for 3D Mapping so dad doesn’t have to clean up and remove objects before starting the robot. It had LiDar technology which is a fancy way of saying it scans the surrounding with two lasers to better avoid obstacles. It’s perfect for deep cleaning with a 4,000Pa suction power.

Ok, that are all the recommendations that I have for you. I hope this list of products is a great start to celebrate dad this Father’s Day. However you choose to celebrate dad this year, just make sure you celebrate him with love!

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