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Summery Fall Hair Color

Summery Fall Hair Color

When it came to changing up my hair style for the summer, I was kind of late to the party. Generally I like to rock a protective style, which includes extensions, year-round. Although my hair is very long, extensions are best suited for my crazy lifestyle. The two methods used to apply my extensions is either sew-ins or wigs.

Sew-in’s are the most cost effective way to add volume to your locks. The process involves weaving extensions into your braided hair.

Sew-ins are great but wearing wigs allows my hair to grow healthy without the damage. I find to easier to create a wig and style it accordingly to make it appear natural. So, I took the time out last month to create a new summery fall hair style that will look good for a couple of months. I decided to use Luxur Elite Hair Extensions by Milan Lavish. She has the best extensions for a reasonable price. I got a couple of packs from her 9 months ago and the hair is still in excellent shape.

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However, I used a closure from another company. With the color, I chose to leave a few streaks of the red wine color I wore last winter. Furthermore, I bleached the front area adding some golden blonde tones to it. Finally, to give the color some depth and tone it down a touch, I avoided adding color to some parts of my extensions. Leaving some areas dark brown, almost black.

The variation of colors reminds me of when the leaves start to change during the fall. All in all, I really like the completed look of my hair. If you have any questions for me on how I achieved this style, please leave your comments below.

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