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Spring Clean Your Personal & Business Finances With Tech

Spring Clean Your Personal & Business Finances With Tech

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means… Spring cleaning! We all know how to sort a dusty house– just Swiffer that mess and you’re done. But what happens when your business and personal finances are looking a little less than pristine?

The past couple of years have seen a rise in layoffs, debt, and inflation that leave you feeling like you’re running on a hamster wheel, just trying to make the minimum payments while your debt balloons.

Unfortunately, there’s no Swiffer for a financial mess. Instead I shared, on NBC 5 Chicago, three finance tech businesses that will help you regain financial control and build your business. Get off the hamster wheel and take advantage of these services that will leave your business and personal finances looking great, while you save hundreds– if not thousands– as you clean it up. 


Sagewell is on a mission to build a financial platform for retirement so that older adults can spend less time worrying about financial security and more time enjoying their golden years. At Sagewell, they align their incentives to those of seniors to ensure our company is always benefiting their customers.

Unlike legacy financial service providers who spend on bank branches in big cities, Sagewell is using technology to make the cost of operating cheaper so that they can provide retirement-focused features and savings. These include a build-your-own retirement paycheck, free checking, and a personal relationship with a Sagewell Retirement Success Advocate to guide you through the most important financial decisions for retirement. From determining how much money you need each paycheck to purchasing the right insurance, they’re focused on making older adults feel confident about their money.


Tally is a popular credit card debit pay-off app making tackling and paying off your credit debt easier and faster. How it works: Download the app, and securely add your credit cards. They’ll do a credit check, which won’t impact your score, to see if you’re eligible for their low-interest line of credit. Typically, a 580 FICO score is needed.

If eligible, they’ll offer you a low-interest line of credit — customized to save you as much money as possible. Just like wholesale retailers (think: Costco), they find the low rates and pass the savings to you. Tally also saves you money on interest and late fees. The app is available on iPhone and Android.

These are a few options that I think are great to help you reach your goals this year. Comment below and let me know what are some useful apps or ways that you’ve been maintaining your resolutions.

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Now might actually be a great time to finally start your own business, and If you’re looking to start a business a company called TRUiC can help you for free. TRUiC stands for “The Really Useful Information Company.” The company was created to help businesses achieve and maintain their dreams at no charge! They have been doing so through websites, a YouTube channel, and will be launching a channel on ROKU TV, and working on content for Amazon Prime Video.

We are essentially becoming a [free resource] marketplace for people starting a business. We have all the free guides, legal templates, and links to the resources people need to be successful entrepreneurs,” says TRUiC CEO Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi.

Their website provides free step-by-step guides and tools to help get your business up and running. TRUiC has information on how to start an LLC, startup advice, a free business idea generator and a free business plan generator, and Entrepreneurship Quiz, and more. Their free logo maker helps you come up with your brand in seconds, no design experience needed!

They also provide one of the most advance AI Business Name Generators completely free! Not only does it generate a business name but it can generate a name for your brand or company as well. Their Business Name Generator creates brandable and SEO optimized names with a .com domain.

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