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From ‘Living Single’ To ‘Finding Tamika’, Actress Erika Alexander Is Uncovering Truths About Missing Black Women

From ‘Living Single’ To ‘Finding Tamika’, Actress Erika Alexander Is Uncovering Truths About Missing Black Women

Actress Erika Alexander graced our TV screens in the 90’s playing the hard-nosed, witty, and successful lawyer, Maxine Shaw, on Living Single. Today Erika wears many hats, including actress, trailblazing activist, entrepreneur, creator, producer and director—one of the country’s boldest, most daring, and powerful voices. As co-founder of Color Farm Media, she is on a mission to bring greater equity and inclusion to both media and electoral politics.

Her latest mission is bringing awareness to the the media’s lack of significant coverage of cases of missing or murdered Black women. The numbers of missing black women and girls are staggering compared to the media coverage they receive.           

Alexander teamed up with Audible, Kevin Hart, and Charlamagne Tha God’s SBH productions to present their debut Audible Original Finding Tamika. In it, host Erika Alexander summons a new generation to help raise the dead, expose a hidden past, and give a dark warning for our future. In Finding Tamika, what we’ll actually discover is the awful truth that a Black girl does not have to go missing for us not to see herNo matter the cost, though, we must look for Tamika, because until she is found, we are all lost. 

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Erika chatted with me about how she got to be apart of this true crime series, the importance of telling this story, and what others can do to help.

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