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Real Talk: 3 Reasons Why I Launched A New YouTube Digital Series

Real Talk: 3 Reasons Why I Launched A New YouTube Digital Series

If you’ve been following me for awhile now, then you already know about my dreams of hosting a TV show. This is not something that I keep a secret. Although I’ve made several strides in radio, TV has always been my passion. I’ve appeared on different national/local TV shows (TMZ, FOX, CBS) to work towards that dream. I also ensure that I’m taking on other projects that aligns with my TV goals; like this new Youtube series I just launched called Just N.

I know many of you might be wondering why and how I’m taking on another project atop my hectic lifestyle. I’ll keep it real with you and expound on my reasons behind launching a new YouTube digital series.

  1. GROWTH IN NUMBERS: I’m not sure if anyone noticed but my Youtube Channel has reached over 1 MILLION views!! If you didn’t notice, no worries. It took me a couple of weeks to realize it. With over 1 MILLION views and my subscriber list growing, I was informed that pushing out content consistently can help your digital presence grow even larger. Although my channel currently houses an abundance of celeb interviews, I wanted something where I had more control of the consistency . Which goes into reason number two.
  2. CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS AREN’T CONSISTENT: I feel blessed to be able to interview celebrities from time to time. But that’s the problem, it’s from time to time. I need to have consistent content so I can grow my audience, as well as, be vital enough to have access to the A & B list celebs. I can’t do that if I’m getting a C or D list celeb on occasion.
  3. CREATE MY OWN PATH: This is the most important reason why I started this series! Let me stress that I started interviewing celeb talent years ago because no one would hire me and I’m still dealing with the same issues. However, instead of complaining about it or waiting for that door to open, I’ve created my own path. Sometimes when you show people you can do it, it allows for other opportunities to come knocking at your door. One opportunity I’ve been blessed with is working with the folks over at to make this series come alive. The content that is created will be promoted vigorously throughout their site.

Although ChicagoNow is being supportive, I also need the public to support me as well. If you could subscribe to my YouTube channel, share my videos and encourage others to do the same, I’d greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime, press play on the video above so you can learn what Just N will be about.

Thank you in advance for your love and support.

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