Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour Film Hits HBO Max

Cover for Gaga's Gaga: Chromatica Ball film on MAX

Two years after Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour featuring hit song “Rain on Me,” the star premiered her new film: Gaga Chromatica Ball on Max. Live from Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, Gaga made her legendary show available for viewers to watch anywhere, just in time for Pride month.



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In her typical fashion, Gaga appeared at the start of the show in a cloud of smoke, with psychedelic lights illuminating her black suit and spiked mask, which she definitely made out with. Within the first seconds of the tour, viewers are already getting a hint of their beloved mother monster, in all her weird and wonderful glory. 

Gaga begins with a jaunty instrumental tune of her classic “Bad Romance,” then transitions to the original version while trapped in some sort of iron prison suit (that also rotates). She continues with other hits, like “Just Dance,” and “Poker Face,” to the delight of fans gathered in the LA stadium. 

Gaga doesn’t only play her classics, though we’re glad she does — she also makes sure to feature tons of songs from her Chromatica album. After performing her first few sets, Gaga transitions in shades of green, with bizarre alien figures and anatomical hallucinations adorning her stage while launching into her hit song “Alice,” her first play from her 2022 album. 

Gaga in Lady Gaga: Chromatica Ball on Max

Just in time for Pride month, Lady Gaga also gave a beautiful speech introducing her song “Born this Way,” and inviting her audience to take this time to celebrate their pride. Gaga has been a loud and proud ally since the early 2000’s, coming out herself as bisexual in 2010 in a famous interview with Barbara Walters. Gaga has never shied away from loudly embracing the community and continues to do so in her new film.

Filled with theatrics, the film takes viewers on a ride through Gaga’s incredible repertoire of music, ranging from “Shallow,” from A Star is Born to “LoveGame.” For all types of monsters out there, there is a massive range of Gaga’s discography displayed during the nearly two-hour-long show, not just Gaga’s legendary club hits. 

With a prelude, four acts and a finale, the Chromatica tour offers variety in every individual set, each having a unique feel, distinct choreography and plenty of costume changes.

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Lady Gaga in new MAX film Gaga Chromatica Ball

For fans who have never had the opportunity to see Gaga live, the film can certainly bring you all the gags, jaw-drops and sing-alongs you’ve been missing. Paired with Gaga’s signature anti-fashion, yet still extremely fashionable looks, astonishing vocals and stunning choreography, the film may as well be a living-room live show. 

Delayed by Covid, Gaga had to wait nearly two years to tour for her 2020 album Chromatica. In the end, the tour only lasted for 20 shows, ending in Miami. For monsters, aka Gaga’s loyal army of fans, many have been waiting since to see Gaga live. Though fans can see Gaga in Vegas for her Jazz and Piano show, this film gives fans the opportunity to truly see Gaga on stage embracing her peculiar, fabulous self.  

The level of production, pageantry and performance Gaga and her team display is something they’ve been doing remarkably well since the early days of her career. The fans at Dodger Stadium, and now any other Max subscriber, are lucky enough to get to view a master at work, now in the comfort of their own homes.  

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