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‘My Lady Jane’ is the Internet’s Newest Obsession

‘My Lady Jane’ is the Internet’s Newest Obsession

Emily Bader as Lady Jane Grey in My Lady Jane

It didn’t take viewers very long to become obsessed with My Lady Jane. The new Prime Video series premiered on June 27, releasing all eight episodes of its first season that same day. With positive praise from critics and rave reviews from fans continuing to roll in, viewers are already rallying for a second season of the ahistorical dramatic comedy.  

Based on the novel of the same name by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows, the show follows a reimagined version of the life of Lady Jane Grey, the great-niece of King Henry VIII, who ruled England and Ireland for nine days in 1553. Lady Jane was appointed to the throne by her cousin King Edward VI, who sought to keep the crown from his half-sister Mary. Ultimately, Lady Jane’s regency lasted only a little over a week before Mary gained support to overthrow (and execute) Jane. 

The rivalry between Jane (Emily Bader) and Mary (Kate O’ Flynn) exists in the show, though now in the context of a fantasy-infused world in which regular humans live alongside “Ethians” – humans who turn into animals. As Jane finds herself in the throes of a marriage she did not want, and struggling with the responsibility of ascending the throne, she also becomes acutely aware of the mistreatment of Ethians that the crown is responsible for. 

still from My Lady Jane season 1
My Lady Jane premiered on June 27 to great success. Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Featuring an irreverent narrator and a host of quirky characters, the show could definitely be an acquired taste – still, it seems to have found its audience. Viewers were quick to take to social media to share their praise for the new release. 

For some, interest in the series came in the pursuit of something similar to Netflix’s highly popular Regency-era show Bridgerton. After a lukewarm reception of the show’s third season, and rumors that a fourth season won’t release until 2026, My Lady Jane has acted as a sufficient placeholder — and even a replacement — for some Bridgerton fans. 

The show’s success can also be attributed to its appeal across a variety of audiences; book lovers, history buffs, romcom enthusiasts and T.V. junkies have all found something to enjoy in the new series. 


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♬ us. – Gracie Abrams

While Prime Video has yet to announce a second season, the showrunners of My Lady Jane have already expressed their interest in continuing the series. “There’s lots of different stories that would be really fun to carry on,” said Gemma Burgess, one of the series’ showrunners. 

My Lady Jane is streaming now on Prime Video

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