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ICYMI: I’m Revealing What It Was Like Being On The Dr. Phil Show

ICYMI: I’m Revealing What It Was Like Being On The Dr. Phil Show

I’m not sure if many of you were aware, but back in April, I was on the Dr. Phil show! No, it wasn’t an episode where I was exposing my family or personal drama. Instead, I had the chance to do a lifestyle segment and be an Olay Beauty Expert.

If you’re a part of the N Crowd (if you’re not then you should be), you know that I’ve been on a mission to host a lifestyle TV show. That is my life-long dream! However, while on that quest I’ve discovered my love for doing lifestyle segments on local news stations. For a while, my goal (within that realm) has been: secure a national lifestyle segment. I love doing segments so much, that I could literally become a resident lifestyle expert on GMA, The View, The Real.. etc. There aren’t a lot of black women in that space and I felt like I could fill that void. What’s a resident lifestyle expert, you ask? Well, it’s just a fancy way of saying someone who only does lifestyle segments for that national TV show. Make sense?! Good!

So, back to my original thought. When I got the call that I was selected to be the Beauty Expert for this national TV show, I was so thrilled. I was actually witnessing one of my affirmations manifest (I will talk about manifestation in another post). It was a feeling I have yet to figure out how to put into words. I was going to record the whole process of the taping from start to finish, but I needed to focus solely on the segment and nothing else.

Once I was confirmed to be on the Dr. Phil Show, I had to go over the paperwork, submit everything to the teams, and coordinate my schedule. On the backend, I had to make sure that I had the appropriate equipment. From a good microphone set up to a cute outfit, I had a lot to do before showtime. Keep in mind I’m doing all of this from home in the middle of a pandemic/lockdown.


The night before showtime, we had a tech rehearsal which included setting up/staging my apartment. I went from:

Once we figured out the set-up, then we tested my microphone, Zoom, Skype, the placement of my camera. Good Gawd, there was so much tech stuff!! Luckily, I’m tech savvy so I was able to figure everything out smoothly. We kept everything exactly in the same spot so the next day we’d be up and running with no issues. Ain’t nobody got the time to be setting everything up early in the morning. LOL!


Rise and shine, it’s showtime! I knew I had a full day the next morning but I had the nerve to squeeze in a lash appointment. Listen, I can not be a Beauty Expert and I’m out here looking like “Who done it and why” aka “a hot mess”. I had to look my absolute best, so yes honey, I went and paid a visit to my lash stylist during an hour break. So this is how the day went:

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  1. Work up early (6am’ish)
  2. Got ready (includes washing
  3. Logged on to Zoom where the Olay & Dr. Phil team were on greeting me and prepping me for the day. We did another tech rehearsal, made sure everyone was comfortable and then
  4. Sat and waited, and waited and waited….
  5. BREAK
  6. Went and got my lashes done and then beat my face aka put on my makeup
  7. More sitting and waiting
  8. OK, Nekia you ready??….(for a second I got nervous, that really never happens but this time I was)
  9. 3, 2, 1….
  10. SHOWTIME!!!

I swear those segments seem like the fastest 3-4 mins of my life! It was such a great experience that I did not want it to end. After the segment, I’m now working on manifesting being a host of a lifestyle show or becoming a resident lifestyle expert. I’m extremely grateful for getting the opportunity to make my first appearance on Dr. Phil. Now, I can’t help but wonder what other major opportunities will I be aligned with. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for other national TV shows I may appear on.


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