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Healthy Easter Basket Swaps

Healthy Easter Basket Swaps

Leave the cavities to the Easter Bunny, Lifestyle expert Nekia Nichelle has some yummy and healthy swaps for the kiddies this year (even the adults can enjoy them too). These swaps are so delicious that the kiddies will never know the difference.   


In the U.S. alone, over 70% of the adult population suffers from some form of gut trouble—something our founder Katie knows all too well. After six colonoscopies, four endoscopies, and twenty-six rounds of antibiotics, Katie found she was more interested in treats than treatment.

Tired of wading through labels and consulting with doctors, Katie just wanted to enjoy food without fear. A chef in shining armor, her husband Nick spent countless late nights in the kitchen crafting a gut-friendly treat she could eat without worrying about the consequences—they call it BelliWelli.


Over 1 billion single-use snacks are eaten and discarded every single day, and while undeniably tasty, this creates an enormous waste pileup directly harming the spaceship we all call home.

Impact Snack is 100% plant-based snacking (including packaging)Impact reporting: using stories to cultivate powerful decision-making makes the good decision easy by reclaiming 250% more carbon than they produce per product.

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Need a healthy swap for chips or beverages? Head on over to a local health food store that provides an array of healthy food brands.

Also, let’s not forget the “people with fur babies”, there are several business owners that provide healthy food alternatives for your pets too. Whatever you decide to fill your Easter Baskets with, just make sure it’s filled with love, and have a Happy Easter!

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