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How To Handle The Moment You Realize You Have Horrible Bosses

How To Handle The Moment You Realize You Have Horrible Bosses

It seems like I have been using the word “horrible” a lot lately. From my previous article summing up ABFF, now referencing bosses.

Horrible Bosses wasn’t just a title to a hilariously accurate film, it’s also reality.

Day in and out, people spend approximately 40 hours per week with horrible bosses and it can make life a living hell. One day on your way to work it hits you, like an epiphany. You’re working for a horrible boss. You know that moment of clarity is similar to diarrhea. It hits you so hard, you’re like a deer in headlights.

But how do you handle the moment you realize you have a horrible boss?

Well that’s the general premise of this article, to help assist you the best way I can. Below I’ve complied a few steps on handling your horrible bosses hiccup.

Step 1. Remain calm– I know the moment you recognize your boss for the douche bag that he/she is, you’re instinct may be to go ballistic. Don’t do that! When you get overly emotional all logic goes out the door. In this situation, you want to ensure you’re able to handle things with a strong mind. When our emotions take over, we tend to do or say things we regret. So relax, relate, release and approach the situation like a real ‘G’.

Step 2. Remember Who You’re Dealing With– The saying goes “If it walks like a jerk and talks like a jerk, its a jerk”. Ok maybe that isn’t the exact saying but you get my drift. Once you realize your dealing with a lying, racist, misogynistic, idiot, rabid demon of a boss then adjust your mentality as such. [Note: Typically a horrible boss is in denial about how horrible they are or they just don’t care]

When you’re dealing with a liar, you’re going to get lies. So, don’t even attempt to seek the truth from your ‘liar’ boss. If you’re boss is horrible at managing staff, it’s comical to expect them to get things done. Stop trying to expect the best out of someone you know is the worst. It will only stress you out. A zebra is not going to change their stripes and your boss isn’t going to change either (unless they get fired). Accept it! Actually, you should be happy your boss has revealed the devil he/she really is. Now you have an idea on how approach the devil…with holy water!

Step 3. Create A Game Plan– This step is extremely important. Like a coach in the 4th quarter with thirty seconds on the clock, you need create a game plan and fast. Whether it’s looking for a new job, becoming your own boss or working in a different department; it’s best to figure out a way to get the hell out of there. If you continue to stay in a negative work environment it will start to affect your job performance, as well as, permeate in your personal life. Working on your exit strategy is typically the best move when handling a horrible boss.

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Step 4. Reference Some Of My Tips In My Previous Article- If you plan on sticking around for some time, then please reference my last article, 5 Ways To Help Avoid The Monday Morning Blues. Instead of using some of the tips just on Monday, you may have to utilize them everyday depending on the magnitude of your situation. Some of the tips in my article helped other readers cope hopefully it will be successful for you too.

Comment below and let me know how you handled the moment you realized you had a horrible boss. Share your pain or pass along this article to help others.



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