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Fun Activities To Do With Your Child This Summer (On a Budget!)

Fun Activities To Do With Your Child This Summer (On a Budget!)

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The time of fun in the sun is upon us! One of the biggest tasks for planning your summer is finding fun activities to do with your children, especially when you’re on a budget. Some of us cannot afford big vacations to Disney World or Legoland, but there are plenty of more affordable options to keep your kids entertained. Here’s a list of some fun and wallet-friendly activities to experience with your kids this summer.

1. Tackle Gardening With Your Mini-Me

Kids love playing in the dirt, so why not give them the chance to have fun while also getting some garden work done? Take out your garden gloves and shovels and head outside for a day of gardening with your little one.

child watering plants, representative of gardening with children as one of many summer activities to do with children

2. The Old Reliable… Let’s Go to the Playground

The playground is the perfect setting for a child to tap into their imagination and embark on adventures. Create memories with your kids by giving them a push on the swing or catching them at the bottom of the slide.

3. Visit the Public Library

Aside from libraries being locally convenient, they also stimulate the minds of both of you and your children. Public libraries also host free events for the public and may have specific themed days for children. Be sure to ask your local librarian for more information regarding the schedule for these events.

4. Picnics

Envision a warm, sunny day and being surrounded by a field of greenery. Accompanying you is your favorite person in the world as you share your favorite foods over a picnic. Not only will you enjoy each others’ company, but you will also get to experience a lovely outing and enjoy the summer weather.

5. Biking or Hiking

Take advantage of the warm days upon us by taking the time to go on bike rides with your little one. They don’t know how to ride a bike? Not a problem! It’s always exciting to teach your children a new skill. If biking isn’t practical for you and your child, then hiking is another solution. Google your nearest walk trails and make it a fun experience by making it a treasure hunt or a sight seeing adventure.

6. Let’s Keep Cool

Let’s keep cool by doing a beach day, or going to the public swimming pool. Some places even offer free swimming lessons! Just make sure whether you chose a beach day, or pool day, that there’s always a lifeguard posted. Safety is always the most important for you and your child. Don’t forget the sunscreen and floaties!

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child running on the beach, representative of going to the beach as one of the summer activities to do with children

7. Free Museum Days

Museums often offer “free days” to the general public. Simply call or look up your local museums, and ask for the free day schedule. This is not only a great way to make it a learning experience for both you and your kid, but sparks new interests and excitement in topics like history, science, and art.

8. Little Van Goghs

Dollar stores carry the necessary painting tools to create fun and beautiful art with your kid. You can even spice it up and have your child choose rocks outside to paint. Once their rock is completed, it’ll be a cute and memorable piece of art to add to your garden!

child painting rock, one of many summer activities to do with kids

Whatever fun activity you decide to do with your child, they’ll enjoy the personal time they get with their parent. Summer is a great time to connect with your child and create beautiful memories with your family.

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