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Chicagoans Don’t Eat Deep Dish Pizza! A Real Taste Of Chicago

Chicagoans Don’t Eat Deep Dish Pizza! A Real Taste Of Chicago

This is probably going to be the most debatable topic but we had to go there. Typically, when most people think of Chicago food, the first thing that comes to mind is deep dish pizza. But a native Chicagoan, can confidently say that real Chicagoans don’t actually eat deep dish pizza on a regular basis. Sorry, not sorry.

In our latest episode of our podcast, we delve into the fascinating food scene of Chicago with our guest, Byron Smith, co-creator of ⁠Chi Food Local. As a food enthusiast and avid explorer of Chicago’s culinary landscape, Byron brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the city’s unique and diverse food culture.

Chi Food Local was established in November of 2019 by high school friends, Byron and Gabe, after moving to Chicago from Champaign, IL for college. Starting off as a hobby, going to restaurants became so much of a part of their lives that they decided to create an Instagram account where they actively explore Chicago and try foods from all corners of the city.

We start by discussing the iconic dishes and restaurants that have put Chicago on the culinary map. From deep-dish pizza to Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, we explore the rich history and cultural significance of these dishes, and how real Chicagoans don’t eat deep dish pizza.

But as we soon discover, there is so much more to Chicago’s food scene than just its famous staples. Byron takes us on a tour of the city’s international cuisine, from mouth-watering tacos and flavorful soul food to tantalizing Thai dishes.

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Throughout the episode, Byron shares his personal experiences and recommendations for the best hidden gems and must-try spots in Chicago. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just starting to explore the city’s culinary offerings, this episode is sure to inspire and excite your taste buds.

Listen to the podcast, as we take a deep dive into the delicious world of Chicago cuisine, with our expert guide and passionate foodie, Byron Smith of Chi Food Local.

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