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Cats, Masks and Maps: The Strangest Met Gala Looks Ever

Cats, Masks and Maps: The Strangest Met Gala Looks Ever

People standing with a floral suit, black suit and glittery dress. Fancy attire reflective of Met Gala looks.

From Zendaya‘s alluring Cinderella gown to Billie Eilish‘s Hollywood glam, the Met Gala dazzles with jaw-dropping looks every year. Some celebrities, though, prefer to walk the red carpet with an unconventional and bizarre flair. These bizarre looks aren’t just abstract dresses with headpieces. No, we mean the strangest pieces ever, from beheaded accessories to food and house décor.

As we prepare for this year’s garden-themed Met, here are the wackiest, wildest and craziest Met Gala looks through the years.

Katy Perry’s Big Mac Entrance

You know when someone says, “it’s so bad that it’s good”? Well, that was the theme of the 2019 Met Gala. In fashion terms, it’s called a “camp” aesthetic, which embraces an unconventional and distasteful wardrobe.

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry pulled up as a hamburger, rolled up as lettuce in the middle. As she tip-toed her way on the red carpet, some of us couldn’t help but find her costume eerily similar to Nickelodeon’s show Victorious. Anyone remember The Diddly Bops? If not, take a look and try to spot the difference between Perry and actress Elizabeth Gillies.

Keep your head up! Jared Leto did… quite literally.

At the 2019 Met Gala, actor-musician Jared Leto sported a bedazzled red Gucci gown. Not only did he match the red carpet, but the gown was giving marching band uniform. As if this wasn’t eclectic enough, Leto also carried a decapitated model of his own head.

Stars Shawn Mendes and Kendall Jenner had so much fun playing with his head that it disappeared by the end of the night. The question remains: who stole Jared Leto’s head?

Dan Levy Reframes the World

Some people think the world is flat, other’s think it’s round. For Schitt’s Creek actor Dan Levy, the world is puffy, billowy and embroidered. Similar to the 2019 Met Gala, the 2021 Met Gala prompted some truly unique and bold looks. That year’s theme? In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.

Levy’s map-patterned suit was both eccentric and sentimental. Mirrored after American painter and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz’s artwork, Levy’s outfit incorporated two men kissing in the center of his suit.

“Tonight, we’re celebrating the resilience, the love, and the joy of the community while honoring a crucial American voice that was taken from us too soon,” Levy posted on Instagram.

Love truly knows no boundaries.

Frank Ocean Shows Off His Son

Musician Frank Ocean also pulled up to the 2021 Met Gala in wacky style, introducing the red carpet to his adorable son. He had cute chubby cheeks, a bright smile and neon green skin. Yep, you heard us. Green skin.

Ocean named his toddler Cody and the robotic child actually moved, making his outfit all the creepier.

Kim Petras Comes Back From the Farm

German pop star Kim Petras took American aesthetics to a whole new level, sashaying around with a horse head on her bust. Her outfit was designed by Collina Strada and certainly lives down as one of the strangest dresses in Met Gala history.

Was her outfit giving “giddy up”, rocking horse or merry-go-round ride? The world may never know.

The Hilfigers Go All-American

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee showed up to the 2019 Met Gala as the most prideful Americans. Both wore outfits from Hilfiger himself, with Dee Hilfiger flapping some American flag wings. God bless America!

Jared Leto Strikes Again

For the 2023 Met Gala, Leto couldn’t help but go all out again. Karl Lagerfeld inspired that year’s red-carpet theme and Leto dressed up as his beloved cat, Choupette. Now, Choupette is not an ordinary cat, because this pet has over $1.4M dollars in her bank account from the late Lagerfeld’s will.

Leto’s furry suit actually looked kind of cute, and singer Lizzo certainly had fun with it.

Doja Cat Fulfills Her Name

Singer-songwriter and rapper Doja Cat also dressed up as Choupette, but took on a completely different approach. Bedazzled in an Oscar de la Renta nude suit, Doja Cat strutted around unrecognizable because her face was realistically molded into a feline.

If you look long enough, it’s giving Teletubby.


What @Doja Cat said. 😸💜💚💛❤️ #teletubbies #dojacat #doja #met2023

♬ original sound – Vogue

Cara Delevigne Leads Munchkinland

English model and actress Cara Delevigne also showed up to the 2019 Met Gala with chaos. Her rainbow-striped Dior jumpsuit was certainly bright, but what really made the outfit memorable was her headpiece mounted with bananas, dentures and fake eyeballs. With a long scepter in hand, she came right from The Wizard of Oz.

Katy Perry Lights Up the Room

Fancy people love hanging chandeliers in their homes. If you’re Katy Perry, you enjoy dressing up as one too. Perry wore both her burger and chandelier costume at the 2019 Met Gala, making two statements in one night.

Her Moschino sparkly dress boasted a bright ring of candles around her waist and head. The clunky outfit left Perry waddling like a penguin.

Kim Kardashian’s Own Shadow

We obviously can’t leave out Kim Kardashian‘s all-black suit obscuring her body head to toe. Her 2021 Met Gala Balenciaga suit left Twitter in a frenzy comparing her to everything from Batman to a dementor.

Did we miss any strange looks? Comment down below what you think are the strangest Met Gala looks and tune in this Monday, May 6 for some more eye-catching fashion!

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