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Brooke Burke Shares Tips To Stay Healthy and Happy During The Holidays

Brooke Burke Shares Tips To Stay Healthy and Happy During The Holidays

Brooke Burke is on a mission to help women and men become better lovers of themselves. As we approach the holidays where food is the number one staple at gatherings, Burke knows that many people can’t enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty or overindulging.

“When it comes to food, I hate this word diet. I don’t even use that word. Like let’s take the “die”, let’s just focus on that. Who wants to suffer and sacrifice all the time? So I really believe in developing a lifestyle that’s delicious, that you can sustain.” stated Burke, 51.

The former Dancing With The Stars host offers a variety of programs that promises to help you find peace and happiness this holiday season. Burke says her programs are based on her own personal journey to mindfulness and grace, and she’s excited to share her tips with others.

“I think we learn that, I don’t think anyone wants to totally suffer and sacrifice all the time. I also believe in grace, I believe in cheat days, I believe in giving your body what it needs and craves sometimes and then getting back on track to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Like what does that even mean? Let’s call it mindful. How does your body feel when you eat this? Maybe different from mine. Do you want to pay attention to how you feel after you eat certain things and then give you body what makes you feel good.”

Brooke is constantly seeking creative ways to engage, inspire, and motivate women and men everywhere. That’s why she also just launched Longevity: a nutrient dense, plant-based superfood free of wheat, gluten, and dairy. Through an online subscription, Longevity superfood blends can become part of your daily routine to provide more energy, better focus, increased endurance, and faster recovery in as little as seven to 10 days of regular use.

“The ingredients in Longevity have been part of my personal health and wellness routine so I can say with confidence THEY WORK!”

Longevity aims to simplify wellness by creating natural, energizing products that work in harmony with consumers’ daily routines and allow them take control of their health.

Brooke Burke Body has always been about making exercise and nutrition available to everyBODY – no matter your fitness level, access to gym equipment, or time commitment. I am thrilled to team up with Forever Brands to bring Longevity to the world and further showcase how simple health and wellness can truly be.”, stated Burke.

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She knows that when we take the time to be present and focus on the good, we can create a life that is joyful and fulfilling. That’s why she remains one of social media’s “moms to follow” with nearly 4 million dedicated followers.

For more Brooke, visit follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For the latest information on Brooke Burke Body, follow the brand on Instagram and TikTok.

Press play and watch the full interview where Brook shares some tips you need to stay healthy and happy during the holidays!

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