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Back To School Essentials (College Edition)

Back To School Essentials (College Edition)

Calling all the college-bound kids! It’s almost that time for them to hit the books again, but no need to stress!  Lifestyle expert Nekia Nichelle has all the essentials they need to keep them calm, cool, and collected for their next semester at school.


There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal in your dorm room. The Cosori Lite Smart Air Fryer will not only help save your college kid some coins, but they’ll have delicious dishes to keep their belly’s full.

Its compact frame makes it perfect for small spaces such as dorm rooms. It has a 4.0-quart capacity and temperature range of up to 450°F make no compromises. There’s 7 cooking functions to choose from. You can cook your favorites at the touch of a button with a variety of customizable cooking functions, including optimized Chicken, Fries, Bacon, Steak, Vegetables, Preheat, Keep Warm functions.

Best of all, smart control lets you monitor cooking, find recipes, and more from your smartphone. Cook with confidence with the built-in automatic shutoff feature. The air fryer will automatically turn off if overheating is detected or when the basket is removed for safe cooking. On August 17th two additional colors, white and green, will be available for purchase.


For high school seniors and their families, starting the school year means time to start thinking about college and financial aid deadlines!

Did you know that student loan debt affects over 45 million students nationwide? It’s a huge problem, in part, because accurate information is so hard to find and comparing financial aid offers is really complicated.   

Well, Moneythink, a national nonprofit that started right here in Chicago has a solution for you! 

Moneythink created a free online college affordability tool called DecidED. That’s right, it’s free for students and families, totally accessible, and they do all the math for you. Their tool simplifies the whole process by automatically comparing financial aid letters.

Students and parents get a clear and accurate picture of college costs and other important factors, so that you can choose the best option. It’s also great for college counselors and student advisors, because it gives back your time with students instead of spending energy doing administrative tasks. 

Check it out today! It’s so worth it. 



Let’s not forget the backpacks to store all of these essential items and more! The trendiest backpack that I found is one by LoveVook.  The laptop backpack has multiple divider pockets, easy for holding 15.6 Inches laptops, iPads, phones, water bottles, umbrellas, readers, journals, magazines, clothes, pens, wallets and so on. The coolest part about this backpack is the invisible anti-theft pocket on the back can well protect your wallet, mobile phone, and other valuables. It also comes with an external USB port with a built-in charging cable– great for a techy student that needs to keep all his/her devices fully charged.


This lap desk for laptop is quite convenient for a lot of uses. It makes a decent table for breakfast in bed, with plenty of room for a plate, glass, and coffee mug. It also makes a good work surface for a bed. The desk would also be convenient for a standup desk conversion, putting monitor, keyboard, and mouse at a better height for working standing up. With its adjustable height and angle, it’s super convenient for those late night study sessions or zoom classes.

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College life is supposed to be a fun time for the kids, but safety is important too. With the rise in crime in the Chicago area, its important for students to be aware of their surroundings and take what precautions they can to avoid being victims of crime

SABRE is actually a local Chicago company that makes personal safety products specifically designed for students in our area. They are the #1 manufacturer of pepper spray products in the US and exclusively supply every major police department including the Chicago PD.

Sabre’s Pepper Spray Gel is really popular on college campuses, especially among young women who may have to walk somewhere at night.

Its really easy to use, just point and spray across an attackers face eye to eye and the major advantage of the gel over traditional spray is that it doesn’t blow back on you which of course can happen in a city like Chicago which all know can have really strong winds at times.

Sabre is offering back to school discounts on all their top products, just visit for more info

Back To School discount offer of 20% off:

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