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Akira’s Winter Fashion Show Recap: Styles We Loved

Akira’s Winter Fashion Show Recap: Styles We Loved

Akira's Winter Fashion Show

Akira’s latest fashion show was held in the dynamic restaurant and bar, TAO, in Chicago. Akira is one of the leading brands that impact Chicago’s fashion scene. The fashion show was a fusion of style, celebration, and a vibrant display of all that they have accomplished thus far.

The runway was full of colorful and glam show-stopping statement pieces that may be inspirational to your outfits. Some pieces were more couture, not-so-realistic pieces that were nevertheless still jaw-dropping.

One of the pieces we loved was the iconic fur jacket with the sparkly bra top and biker shorts. What’s interesting about this look is the leather skirt tied over the biker shorts; it gives it a very edgy feel. Everything about this look was biker-chic but with some softness to it from the lighter makeup.

Speaking of biker chic, the look of the leather jacket with the sparkly fringe was an interesting take on classic leather jackets. The fringe and sparkle detailing give it a more fun element (perhaps a good piece for music festivals or concerts).

It was evident that red was one of the main hot colors for this runway. The sheer red dress with the furred red coat was definitely something. It’s a cool design and something you wouldn’t see in an everyday look. The long fur detailing makes it show-stopping and makes us wonder if maybe Akira will make a more wearable version in the future.

The other red look was the turtle-neck fitted dress with the fringe at the bottom. The way it was styled was so glamorous and fun that maybe we do need more fur accessories. The oversized fur hat and fan make this outfit look far from boring.

Another red look we have to mention is the one with the crimped-like structured jacket. It’s so cool and unique, and it has a streetwear style to it. This jacket shows Akira’s versatility in the way they design. Styles that are out of the comfort zone for most consumers but make them want to try them out.

Akira also showed how fun outerwear can be with prints and vibrant colors. The hot pink cheetah coat look was so chic, and it’s something more wearable if you love to make a statement. We loved the full hot pink moment, and the fringe boots were giving ‘Barbie core.’

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Continuing with the hot pink theme, the long leather jacket with fur trim was the perfect look to show in the city of Chicago. These types of jackets are so stylish and are seen in the fashion scene of Chicago but in more neutral colors. The way this look was styled is so pleasing because of how the pinks and reds complement each other.

To end it off, one of the closing looks that just took breaths away was the black sequin dress. This low, v-neck dress styled with another white fur coat is so elegant. It has a Marilyn Monroe vibe to it and shows how versatile the Akira customer can be.

Akira’s show in TAO celebrated their success by showing how they can design for women with all different styles and wants. While some were more couture than others, it still showed how they can push themselves as a brand and showcase their innovative ideas. Below are some of our other favorites that must be noted!

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