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A Nail Polish That Compares To ‘No Chip’ (Slideshow Post)

A Nail Polish That Compares To ‘No Chip’ (Slideshow Post)

Searching for a good long lasting nail polish is like a diamond in the rough. I grew up with two professional manicurist in the house, my mom and grandma, so I’ve tried out a couple of different brands and techniques more than I can count.

From ‘no-chip’ manicures to acrylic nails and everything in between…yep! I’ve tried them all. The damaging effective from them are something left to be desired. I’ve searched endlessly, high & low for a polish that will not only keep my nails healthy but allow me to display my natural nails.

As a broadcaster, it’s imperative that your appearance is up to par. The camera tends to pick up everything! Since I’ve opted to not get a ‘no chip’ manicure or acrylic nails, I end up changing polish like I change underwear, even with the high end brands. It has become a very frustrating process until I recently visited Cowshed located in Soho House. The friendly nail tech inquired about the brand of polish I frequently use and I ran down the list to her. She then introduced me to a brand called Cheeky, which I never heard of. She ensured that I would be happy with wearing it and would last me quite awhile. That it did!!! I went 2 weeks and received significantly less chipping than my other polishes.

I was so happy that I purchased my own bottles for at home use. A couple of things you should know while wearing the ‘Cheeky’ brand:

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  1. The bottom (High 5) and top (Finish Me Off) coat is better used with a ‘Cheeky’ colored polish however if you do decide to wear another brand make sure it is high quality (i.e Essie, even Sally Hensen worked for me)
  2. It is not a brand that you can find in all stores. It’s only sold in select places (Soho House being one of them)

The above gallery documents the condition my nails over the course of one week! So Cheeky!


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