There’s nothing worse than lying in bed at 5:30pm on a Sunday evening and realizing

    “Damn, the weekend is over and I have to go to a job I hate in the morning”

    If you’re anything like me, then you’re on a quest to pursue your passion. You’d rather spend all of your time towards that than at a place you’re not too fond of. It’s hard for me mentally knowing I have to face another week exerting energy where I do not want to be. Despite my Monday morning blues, I’ve found a couple of things that curb those moments of mild depression.


    Yes, life sucks right now and you can’t see the forest from the tress but things could be worse. You could be homeless, jobless or lifeless. Look around you! Find the silver lining because it’s in there somewhere. It is really easy to focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do. It’s also very easy to fall into the depths of self pity but you have to pull yourself out of it.


    So you want to leave your job and pursue your passion? Instead of dwelling on it use that energy to do something towards making it happen. Set goals, do research, go to school … do whatever you can to divert your attention from your misery. At times I find that when I focus on “what’s next”, I forget about what’s happening now. I tend to go through the motions of the day in order for me to get to my goal. You will be surprised how well it works.


    It’s true when they say “An idle mind is room for the devil’s playground.” The times when I sat around doing nothing all weekend left room for me to think about negative things. But the times I really made the most out of my weekend, I felt happy, accomplished, and strong enough to face the week.


    I’m aware of how strange that might sound but I know a lot of people that have quit their day job to pursue their passion. The risks are huge, but so is living your life unhappy. Putting energy towards something you hate will only make you have poor performance at work, home, and in other areas. After careful consideration, quitting may be the only remedy you need.


    While watching “Being Mary Jane“, one thing she would do is have sticky notes posted all around her house with positive sayings. I’ve tried this and it works! The mind is a very powerful thing. Positive mantras or reinforcements are something that has been instrumental for me in many ways. Oprah, Will Smith, and many other celebs have proclaimed the power of speaking positivity to produce results. Try it for a week and let me know how it works for you.

    I hope these 5 things can help you get through that Monday morning funk that looms over your day. Comment below and tell me a few things that you do to brighten up your Monday.


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