Last week I hopped on a plane and headed to LA for my birthday. My best friend, Gina Ferraro, and I have been planning this trip for months. We love the LA scene, as well as, the jaw-dropping views. However, we agreed that this trip was more spiritually enlightening. So I had to share with you: 4 Things I Learned In LA

    1. Increase Meditation: On the second day of our trip, we connected with singer/songwriter, Taylor Carroll. Not only is he talented, kind and an amazing
      singer, but he’s also quite the conversationalist. He gave us some enlightening and thought provoking advice. The most important thing he said was to “start incorporating more mediation into our daily routine”. Gina, Taylor and Nekia

      Meditation Heals Body and Mind. If done 20 minutes a day, you can vastly improve the quality of your health. -WebMd

      Taylor also provided some helpful tips on how to meditate to ensure we get the most out of it. Gina and I said that we are going to work more within that area because we are definitely lacking.

    2. Let My Guard Down A Little: From past business and personal interactions, I have fallen victim to building a brick wall to protect myself. Although that might be good, it can also hinder the possibility of making good connections. This weekend… I let that all go! The benefits of doing that allowed positive connections with the right people and a more enjoyable time. I still have ways to go but I’m going to try to let my guard down a little more.
    3. Don’t Take Anything Personally: A close family member of Gina’s explained the importance of not taking anything personally. To quote him verbatim, he said “don’t take anything personally because it’s not your issue …it’s theirs” Some times the task of not taking things personally can be hard. However, this little nugget of advice is really important to remember because it allows you to not be the victim of needless suffering. One way of becoming completely free is being immune to others opinions and actions towards you.
    4. The Beauty In Nature: I’m not a nature girl by any means but there is something about LA’s beaches, palm trees, mountains and sunshine that makes you want to bask in it forever. Every time I visit California, I find myself almost brought to tears by the beauty in nature. That is not something that happens to me often. Many proclaim Chicago is the mostly beautiful city but I think that title should really go to Los Angeles.

    All in all, I always have a blast when I visit LA. I’m even considering moving there soon! In the meantime, many thanks to LA for teaching me a few things and to those that made this past week extraordinary.

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