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10 Ways to Romanticize Your Summer On a Budget

10 Ways to Romanticize Your Summer On a Budget

Summer is hot, long, and, for some, can feel a little unexciting. While summer ruts are no fun, they offer the perfect opportunity to try out what Bronx Science students have long recommended: the art of romanticizing life. For starters, let’s define romanticizing — romanticizing is described as the practice of emphasizing independence and emotions to create a more optimistic perspective on life, even and especially in the mundane, boring, everyday tasks we all deal with. Romanticizing life has been found beneficial to growing, improving, and strengthening the relationship we have with ourselves. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, here are 10 inexpensive and free ways to practice romanticizing your life this summer! 

Have a Picnic

Whether you’re in a park, a field, or your backyard, a picnic is a great way to romanticize your summer and your life. The picnic does not have to be fancy, it could simply be a blanket with peanut butter sandwiches and water — the important thing to remember when romanticizing your life is that it’s not about what you don’t have, but appreciating all the things you do.

Necessary materials: 

  • blanket
  • drinks
  • snacks/food
  • utensils 
  • napkins
  • a space to sit and enjoy

A few extras to spice up your picnic:

  • music 
  • flowers
  • glassware 
  • plates and trays 

Write Letters

Writing letters, or even just crafting a text for someone you are grateful for, can be perfect practice for romanticizing your life. The letters do not have to be sent in the mail and could be as casual or as personal as you’d like. When writing your message, take time to reflect on the relationship you have with the recipient and appreciate the moments you’ve shared with them.

Necessary materials: 

  • paper
  • pen
  • reflective time

Level up your letter or message with: 

  • colored pens or pencils 
  • envelope 
  • specific memories 
  • saying “thank you” for their friendship/love/support

Date Yourself 


I enjoy my alone time

♬ gilmore lala – <3

Whether you take yourself to a local coffee shop, bookstore, library, public museum, or just for a casual stroll, it is important to practice spending time independently when romanticizing your life. Whatever you choose to do with your time, be sure to reflect on the stage of life that you’re currently in. No decisions need to be made at this time, but it is good to acknowledge any passing thoughts you have about your present, past, or future.  

Solo-date ideas: 

  • taking a walk
  • painting 
  • drawing 
  • meditating 
  • going to a coffee shop
  • window shopping 


Journaling is a huge part of romanticizing your life. There does not need to be any formalities, prompts, or structure to your entries; the goal of journaling is to let ideas, thoughts, and feelings flow through your mind and onto the paper and allow the words to reveal things about yourself. You can buy any journal of your choosing at a local store or even on Amazon. 

Necessary materials:

  • journal
  • pen or pencil 

A few prompts to get you started: 

  • write about your day 
  • write about a feeling you had today 
  • write about a time or event that left you confused
  • write affirmations (I am smart, I am strong, etc.) 
  • write some short-term goals for the last bit of summer
  • write about your long-term goals and everyday tasks to work toward them

Take a Long Bath/Shower

It doesn’t matter if you take a bath or a shower, but romanticizing this intimate time with yourself can help relieve stress, especially after a long day. Make sure to take your time while going through your shower routine and appreciate the time you are spending on yourself. 

Necessary materials: 

  • shower or bath 
  • body soap 
  • towel 
  • water 

Enhance your shower/bath experience with: 

  • quiet music 
  • candles 
  • water (glass of, water bottle) 
  • books (for the bath only!) 
  • bath salts or bath bombs 
  • bubbles 
  • skincare face masks 

Listen to a Podcast

Getting into wellness and self-love podcasts is so helpful when beginning your journey in romanticizing life. Put in some headphones, clean up your room, go for a walk, or just sit still and press play — it is as simple as that! 

Necessary materials: 

  • access to a podcast streaming platform (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) 
  • time to fully listen to the episode 

Podcast recommendations: 

Make a New Playlist

Making a new playlist is a great way to get to know yourself better, especially when you include a compilation of genres. Making a playlist can be super intentional or casual, and you could make one for yourself or for someone else.

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Materials necessary: 

  • access to a music streaming platform 

Playlist ideas to get you started: 

  • add underrated songs you love 
  • add songs that remind of you a memory or a person 
  • add someone else’s favorite song 
  • add unfamiliar songs by your favorite artists 

Read a Book 

While it may feel simple, picking up a new book is a great way to romanticize life! Whatever your go-to genre may be, you can use reading as a peaceful escape from reality. New books can also bring new connections to people, places, and things — fiction or otherwise. 

Necessary materials: 

  • a book of your choosing! 

Ideas to help you pick a book: 

  • pick a random genre 
  • ask a friend for recommendations 
  • look online at book reviews and recommendations 
  • look up celebrity book club lists 
  • reread the first book you remember loving 

Start Working on a New Habit 

Building new habits is always a good idea, but is especially vital when working on romanticizing life. You can eventually build up to tackling larger habits, but starting with something small is just as important as accomplishing the big goals.

Potential habits to build:  

  • increasing daily water intake 
  • getting 30 minutes of physical activity daily 
  • saying three things you are grateful for every morning 
  • washing your face twice a day in the morning and before bed 
  • complimenting at least three strangers while out and about 

Watch a Sunset

Watching a sunset can be a source of peace, which is why it is a great and easy activity to practice romanticizing life. To elevate the experience, you could add your favorite music in the background, or you can simply take in the view in silence. As you watch the sunset, you can reflect on all the beauty in your life that you’ve been lucky enough to come across.

Embrace the Romance of Life

While some find romanticizing life to be overemotional or “cringe,” romanticizing your life can be a great way to build self-love and contentment. At its core, romanticizing your life is a reminder to take time out of each day to wind down, slow your mind, and appreciate your existence. Doing so will promote independence, self-kindness, and gratitude — and can make the mundane a bit more exciting.

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  • Really enjoyed all the wonderful ideas to “romancing your summer” All are so natural and right in front of us to do.
    Just thinking of doing them is relaxing

    • Thank you so much for reading! We are so glad you enjoyed some of our suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to comment again when you’ve tried some of them.

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