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What Dark Matter Can Teach Us About Manifesting

What Dark Matter Can Teach Us About Manifesting

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The Apple TV sci-fi drama Dark Matter recently concluded its first season. The theme of manifestation is recurring throughout the show, and various manifestation techniques are showcased through its characters. Have you ever questioned why your manifestation methods are not effective? Manifestation teaches us that thoughts can dictate our reality, but what role do emotions play? The multiverse in Dark Matter highlights emotional regulation as a manifestation method, offering several lessons we can apply to our own lives.

In Dark Matter, protagonist Jason Dessen (Joel Edgerton) finds himself kidnapped from his version of reality by an alternate version of himself from the multiverse. His alternate self created a machine that allowed him to travel between dimensions, but he abused this power by switching his timeline with the original Jason. The course of the show follows the original Jason trying to make it back to his original reality.

Man standing next to a woman with his alternate version behind him, poster for Dark Matter, show that includes representation of manifestation techniques

Jason discovers the interdimensional travel machine, and it provides him with an infinite number of doors that represent all the limitless realities possible. Jason initially struggles to visualize his desired reality despite his affirmation, meditation, and journaling attempts. Later, he discovers that the reality in the door he opens is not only dependent on his thoughts, but his emotions as well. To overcome his internal state, Jason must align with his subconscious mind and release limiting beliefs.

Emotions are energy in motion and where attention goes, energy flows. As a result, mastering your emotions is crucial to aid with the manifestation process. Thoughts are powerful, but adding feeling to your desired thought is even more powerful. We can examine Universal Laws, which govern our universe and dictate our overall human experience, to better understand manifesting. These laws are inspired by the spiritual beliefs and practices of ancient cultures, and apply to both the physical and spiritual realms. The Law of Attraction is the most popularized universal law for manifestation, but the other laws are just as important.

The Law of Correspondence is important to examine because it requires internal reflection to understand how the universe is responding to you. The famous saying “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” comes from this universal law. This law is tied to the emotional exploration of your internal self to match your desired external reality. It requires challenging our internal habits so we can eventually manifest our desires with ease.

The Law of Inspired Action is also overlooked when it comes to manifesting. As much as thinking positively, feeling your desires, and trusting the universe are important, acting toward your desires is also needed. You are equally a co-creator of your reality in collaboration with the universe. Therefore, doing everything within your capacity and releasing anything out of your control to the universe will prove fruitful in your manifestation methods.

In Dark Matter, Jason eventually releases his fear once he fully embraces vulnerability with himself. He draws from a previous memory with his wife and journals vividly about it while visualizing their first encounter. He wholeheartedly expresses that despite experiencing different realities, he only wishes to return to his version of reality. As a result, he finally manages to open a door that returns to his timeline.

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True honesty and exploration of your fears will allow you to be in control of your limiting beliefs. It will allow you to befriend your subconscious mind so that it can be in harmony with your conscious state. Embracing your shadow side by bringing it to the surface will allow you to recognize the root of your limiting beliefs. Otherwise, a lack of awareness will cause the subconscious mind to project these fears into your reality.

Ultimately, becoming what you desire is the key to manifestation; but this requires true belief. Once fears are released, you become limitless in your manifestation ability. However, this requires continuous practice because changing your beliefs cannot happen overnight. It is a lifelong process of unlearning beliefs that no longer serve you which is a radical awakening.

You can manifest without doing internal self-work if you are disciplined enough to fixate your energy on your desire along with taking inspired action. However, even though going within is emotionally challenging, it has much greater rewards, including alignment with the universe. This spiritual level of transformation will allow you to master internal harmony despite the circumstances around you.

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